OPINION: What If Craft Beer Drinkers DIDN’T Line Up For BCBS?

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You know what I love about the craft beer industry? How much time do you have? The people who create award-winning, memorable offerings every single day. The innovation behind the ideas they bring to the brew kettle. The willingness to go against the grain to produce a unique product. The enthusiasts who seek these creations out, ferociously devoting time, energy, and money towards tasting and critiquing. The passion of hundreds of thousands of people to push an idea, an industry, a culture forward against an international conglomerate that fancies the beer world remain in their own mold and vision…one that’s suited their bank accounts well for decades. I love the collective middle finger against that notion. And, it goes without saying…I love the liquid itself. I could go on and on, but let’s move on.

You know what I don’t love about the craft beer industry? The fact that many beer enthusiasts spend the better part of their year questioning the tactics of Anheuser-Busch InBev…..

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