OACOB: Session 51 – The Brewtal Truth

Pittsburgh is alive and bumping with craft beer events and festivals these days, all of them doing their part to perpetuate the scene forward and build awareness around artisanal beers and spirits throughout our region.

But none of those events have combined craft beer and the music that so many brewers listen to while creating the beers we love: Heavy Metal and Punk.

Until now.

Pittsburgh is about a month and a half away from its first-ever metal beer festival, also known as Brewtal Beer Fest. The event unfolds Sunday, November 6th at Spirit in Lawrenceville and features four local bands collaborating with four local breweries to create four unique beers available ONLY at Brewtal. In addition, several other local breweries and bands will be part of the festival to create a first-of-its-kind happening right here in the Steel City.

Currently, Brewtal creators Meg and James Evans are running a Kickstarter campaign that allows you to get your tickets early and qualify for some seriously kick-ass prizes at the same time. Once the Kickstarter ends, however, those prizes are off the table. Don’t delay!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

In Session 51 of the Over a Couple of Beers Podcast, I sat down with Meg and James, as well as their friend Dave Walker, to discuss the event, their connection to metal and punk music, and what they have in store for us as the event comes together. And, as is tradition when Meg and James join me on OACOB, full-blown recorded derailment ensued. Trust me, from no other podcast will you learn everything you need to know about an event while, at the same time, hearing Big Lebowski quotes, Forrest Gump imitations, and getting serenaded to the tune of “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?!” Thanks, James.

Grab a tasty beverage and get ready for Session 51 of Over a Couple of Beers!

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