OACOB: Session 49 – Total Reclamation in Butler

The beer scene in Butler County is on a significant upswing. The party got started with Reclamation Brewing opening their doors in late 2015 and Butler Brew Works just cut the ribbon on their brewery a little over a month ago. Both represent the first breweries to bring craft beer to the area since Prohibition.

In this session of Over a Couple of Beers, I was able to sit down with John Smith, Ben Duncan, and Ben Smith, the trio of homebrewers-gone-professional who chased their dream and opened Reclamation Brewing. We discuss how Reclamation came to be, enjoyed a few of their unique craft beers, got into some serious-ish talk about AB InBev and the beer scene as a whole, and much more.

Also, Reclamation just appeared a documentary created by Pixelab Studios that we talk about on the show. You can check out by clicking here.


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