OACOB: Session 48 – Beer and Cigars Unite

PRO TIP: Cigars are pretty damn awesome.

However, it wasn’t until recently that I learned that different cigars paired better with certain beer styles. You can consider me a novice on the stogie level, even though I’ve smoked them occasionally for several years.

As you’ll hear in this session of Over a Couple of Beers, the last couple months have been eye-opening thanks to a chance encounter I had with Shawn Carroll, Co-Owner of Dirty Dog Cigar Shoppe in McKeesport. Shawn was stationed at an event during The Brew Gentlemen’s Two-Year Anniversary festivities and I quickly learned there was a science to enjoying the various flavors packed into a cigar in unison with those of my favorite beer styles. I’ve also learned the progression of cigar smoking is very closely related to that of beer drinking. A lot of palate evolution and open-mindedness is involved to enhance your comfort zone.

In Session 48, yours truly and Angelica Ross sat down with Shawn to discuss the parallels of the craft beer and cigar worlds, as well as get some more knowledge on the history and production of cigars and further delve into the world of beer and cigar pairings. We also introduced the upcoming project Shawn and I will be working on together, so don’t miss that announcement.

Pour your favorite beverage and light up a cigar…it’s time for another session of OACOB! You can listen to the show here or do what all the cool kids are doing and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher (recommended).

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