Mystery PCBW Collaboration Beer Rumored to Cure Baldness

Collaboration season is in full swing in the Pittsburgh region as we, once again, get ready for another rousing rendition of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week starting Friday, April 21st. One of the highlights of the upcoming 10-day beer extravaganza is the show of camaraderie and creativity as brewers from several different breweries and craft beer destinations come together to create something special. And this year, it’s, like, REALLY special.

Never satisfied and always looking to do something bigger and better, one of the teams behind a collaboration beer has apparently brewed something so revolutionary, so outstanding, so groundbreaking, so NOT meh, enjoying a pint of this unique offering could potentially cure and reverse the effects of balding.

But, here’s the caveat: It’s a secret. That means you’re going to have to try every single one of the collaboration beers out there between April 21st and April 30th in order to keep those flowing locks flowing or recapture that John Travolta Grease mane. I know…life is rough.

“We’ve seen a lot of people asking for more from their beers and we couldn’t think of anything that could elevate our beer to the next level more than putting an end to baldness,” said one brewer who asked to remain anonymous because he isn’t real. “We added copious amounts of monoxidil during fermentation, so you know it’s good.”

So, which one do you think it is?

How about Vossome, a Norwegian Farmhouse Saison brewed by Rock Bottom and Yellow Bridge? Or maybe it’s the Hoppy Imperial Ale known as Won’t You Be My Neighbor IPA brewed by Helltown and Caliente Pizza & Draft House that is set to tap at all three Caliente locations on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:00pm.

What about those crazy kids in the South Hills? Spoonwood Brewing teamed up with Apis Mead last Fall to do a Honey Imperial Porter called Beard of Bees and a portion of the batch went into Wild Turkey barrels that will be tapped Saturday, April 22nd. That could do it. Or what about neighbors Spoonwood and Mindful Brewing’s collaboration dubbed Kounterweizen? It’s a hoppy wheat beer brewed with sweet honey malt and pungent Idaho 7 hops. Hell, I’ll probably drink both of these just to see what happens, hair staying in place not withstanding.

And speaking of mead, KingView Mead teamed up with Rivertowne Brewing to collaborate on The Buzzerker, a Sahti brewed with juniper berries and fermented with 60 pounds of raw, locally-sourced honey, courtesy of KingView. The Buzzerker is 10% ABV, 10 IBUs, and pours a rich, copper color. Could this be the game changer?

Rivertowne also teamed up to do a North Side collaboration with Allegheny City Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing, and soon-to-be-open Spring Hill Brewing. The collaboration is an American Wheat Ale dubbed “Pawsitivity.” It was brewed with peach and will also feature a white tea element courtesy of another North Side business: Arnold’s Tea. A portion of sales generated by the collaboration that will only be available at these North Side/North Shore locations, will be donated to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, also located in the North Side.

It could be Tina. It could easily be Tina. Tina is the Sour IPA created by our friends at North Country Brewing and ShuBrew. Tina is 4.0% ABV, 60 IBU, pairs well with foods that are deep fried, brats, sausage, sweet fruits, carrot cake, caramel cheesecake, and creme brulee. “TINA, EAT THE FOOD! GOD…”

Or what about Brew: The Museum of Beer’s first-ever collaboration with Southern Tier, Hop Farm Brewing, and East End Brewing? This Red IPA doesn’t even have a name yet and will remain clouded in mystery until Brew’s big debut party at East End on Monday, April 24th!

Hop Farm also got together with Full Pint Brewing to create Idahop, a kettle soured session IPA with apricot. Or maybe the beer in question comes to us from Helicon Brewing, Grist House, and Bloom Brew in the form of Dr. Yeast Love, a fruity and floral IPA/Saison hybrid.

You could also lean towards the dry-hopped grisette that Butler Brew Works and Church Brew Works put together. It’s named “Men at Works.” I see what they did there. You should probably also grab a pint of East End, Reclamation Brewing, and 11th Hour Brewing’s “Double Gose 7,” a double-strength, dry-hopped Gose that tips the scales at 5.8% ABV and has a bright tartness and a finish of strawberries and tropical fruit.

In other words, you’ve got yourself some serious options and I’m sure I didn’t cover them all. But one of these beers is out there looking to do a good deed. You know, beyond the good deed of just being a unique, drinkable beer.

*NOTE: Not all these beers are official PCBW collaboration beers and may only be found at select locations throughout PCBW.

**NOTE 2: Any collaboration beer I missed, please let me know and I’ll add them to this preview.

Want to find PCBW collaborations ALL at once?! Here’s where you want to go:

  • ALL PCBW-Recognized Collaboration Beers on Tap at All Three Caliente Pizza & Draft House locations on Friday, April 21st starting at 4:30pm
  • ALL PCBW-Recognized Collaboration Beers on Tap at Pig Iron Public House on Monday, April 24th starting at 7:00pm
  • ALL PCBW-Recognized Collaboration Beers on Tap at 99 Bottles from open to close on Friday, April 28th starting at 11:00am

Lots of solid collaboration beers out there once again from an unbelievably talented group of brewers. Do yourself a favor…keep your hair in tact and get out there to support ALL of these breweries.



The Stuck Mash is a thing on Breaking Brews consisting of words, sentences, and paragraphs. Its contents represent a tapestry of flavors, textures, aromas, and moments designed to illuminate the mind, the body, and the spirit. OK, full disclosure: It’s a parody of some shit. No, none of the collaboration beers will cure baldness. But you should still make every effort to get out and drink these one-off creations as much as possible throughout PCBW. And…if you do, in fact, find a beer that cures baldness, it means you’ve been awake too many consecutive hours and should take a nap as quickly as possible for the safety of all mankind. Crazy person.












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