Local Man Visits Southern Tier Despite Ridicule From Pittsburgh Craft Beer Facebook Group

Sharpsburg’s Steve Jaxxon has been a member of the Pittsburgh drinking scene for several years. He frequents local bars and breweries and always looks for cool, new places to visit. Like many beer fans in the Steel City, he anxiously awaited the opening of Southern Tier Brewing Company’s new North Shore Brewpub. And, like many beer fans in the Steel City, he’s on Facebook. A lot.

“I really wanted to check out Southern Tier, but I was very confused as to whether they were open or not,” Jaxxon explained. “People in the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Facebook Group kept asking if they were open and no one really provided an actual response. They just said things like ‘Can’t wait for Cold-Pressed Pumking.’ I’d never even heard of that, but I wanted it, too.”

Jaxxon and his friends went to a concert at Stage AE last week and as the crowd spilled onto the street after the show, he decided this was the time to see for himself without Facebook as his guide. He and his friends were stunned to learn that Southern Tier had been open for nearly a month.

“I was pretty happy,” Jaxxon said. “My friends and I went in and ordered some beers. I even took a couple pictures of the place and the beers we were drinking. There was little to no evidence that Southern Tier was not open.”

Jaxxon thought he’d do the Pittsburgh beer community a solid, so he posted his pictures in the aforementioned Facebook Group with a caption that let everyone know that, yes indeed, Southern Tier was open for business. What happened next confused Jaxxon even further.

“It was weird,” he stated. “Like, I posted with location services on and explained that I was in Pittsburgh, but all these people kept saying that I must’ve driven to New York or something? I tried to tell them, ‘no, you guys, the Pittsburgh brewpub is open, for real,’ but they kept going on about how they couldn’t wait for it to REALLY be open. Maybe it’s just a joke that’s past its prime? I don’t know.”

As days have passed since Jaxxon’s visit, more speculation has risen in the Facebook Group as to whether the new North Shore brewpub is ready to serve you beer. Jaxxon watched this unfold. Still trying to put an end to the confusion, he posted the picture found below that he took outside the brewpub on North Shore Drive, hoping once and for all it would put this issue to bed.

Southern Tier Open


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