Kick Off Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week On a Boat!

Beer Barge 2: Get EXCITED!

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 sets sail on April 25th in the most epic of fashions…sailing down our beloved three rivers with friends, brews, music, and an all-out love affair with craft beer!

One of the marquee events of 2013’s Craft Beer Week was Commonwealth Press’s Beer Barge, spotlighting three hours of craft beer fun on the high sea. The event got such rave reviews, our friends at Commonwealth Press are bringing the tradition back in a big, BIG way.

This year, the Beer Barge will serve as the proverbial “lighting of the torch” for Craft Beer Week, kicking off the 10-day city-wide festival that will bring together craft beer brewers, bars, restaurants, distributors, and enthusiasts to celebrate the world’s most popular beverage. But just as tremendous as being the premiere event is the way Commonwealth Press and Gateway Clipper are meeting the demand of us rabid hopheads.

After the success of Beer Barge 2013, it was obvious: Commonwealth Press needed a bigger boat. The problem is…Gateway Clipper doesn’t have a bigger boat.

So how are they remedying the problem? By hooking two boats together, what else?!

That’s right, the 2014 Commonwealth Press Beer Barge will see two Clippers strapped together, sailing all three rivers surrounding our awesome city! There will be craft beer on all floors of each ship, as well as live music, and you’ll be able to roam from boat to boat. Say what you want, but Carnival has never hooked two boats together, so Pittsburgh is one up on the big guys when it comes to sailing in style.

I could go on and on as the excitement level continues to build towards the kickoff of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, but I’d rather let the guys at CWP keep you updated. Bookmark the Beer Barge website and stay tuned for updates on the event and how you can buy tickets!

And, here’s a great video from last year’s event.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week



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