Over a decade ago, the Internet shifted to what’s known as Web 2.0.

As this shift has unfolded, the power of social media has taken a stranglehold on our lives and has essentially changed everything.

  • The way we learn.
  • The way we communicate.
  • The way we gather information.
  • The way we discover new brands.
  • The way we stay connected to those most important to us.


Despite the clear dominance of social media in our lives, there are still many who choose to ignore these platforms as if resistance will make them go away. As an individual, you are 100% within your rights to stay off any network you feel is not conducive to your lifestyle. But – as a brand, not building a presence on popular platforms where literally BILLIONS of people exist means you and your business will get left behind. Period.

Today, more consumers turn to Facebook to ask their friends for recommendations about products, services, and destinations to visit.

Today, more consumers use Twitter to discover valuable information about a brand, as well as converse directly with that brand to determine whether it’s a company they want to patronize.

Today, Instagram provides a platform for displaying stunning visuals that help people connect to a brand well before they decide to spend a dime on what they’re offering.

Are you one of those brands?

Social media has evolved far beyond a simple post here and an update there. The three aforementioned mediums see users spending hours scrolling, sharing, commenting, and engaging on their platforms. Many brands have discovered harnessing this power is far more advantageous to their growth than ignoring it and hoping it vanishes into the night.

While these philosophies speak to all industries, positive brand presence is even more critical in the beverage and food industry. With imagery being shared daily that leads consumers to “eat with their eyes” first, having a commanding presence combined with captivating, engaging imagery will put you a step ahead of your competition.

This means no beer photos posting dirty glassware.


To build a social media presence that delivers results for your brand, you need to approach things practically. Firing blindly in today’s social savvy world will lead to missing your targets and, thus, a lackluster presence that does not represent who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Are you in the beginning phases of building your online presence? Are your social media accounts flat and stagnant? Are you looking to bolster your social media output, but struggling with where to begin?

It’s time to give your efforts a JumpStart.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it will become an even more important part of our world as consumers continue to depend on the services it provides. With competition being at an all-time high, building your brand presence on platforms where your current and potential customers spend hours per week has never been more critical.

Developing your means we will evaluate your current initiatives, implement what’s working, and weed out what isn’t. REMEMBER: No two approaches are alike. Goals and expectations are different for everyone. There are no cookie-cutter answers. This will be front of mind as we develop your strategy together.

It’s time to take action. It’s time for your Social Media JumpStart!

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