Jason Cercone Joins Day Bracey and Ed Bailey On the Drinking Partners Podcast

Recently, yours truly joined Ed Bailey and Day Bracey on the Drinking Partners Podcast. You know a podcast is great when the stop button gets pressed after recording and your face hurts from laughing!

I joined these guys less than a week before they made history with Fresh Fest. Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed the event. But the feedback has been tremendous and I couldn’t be more happy for the walls these guys are breaking down in craft beer culture. You can learn more about Fresh Fest here. Plenty more is to come…

Meanwhile, take a listen to Episode 180 (the turnaround episode, as you’ll learn) of Drinking Partners as the three of us rap about beer, cheesesteaks, Breaking Brews, Pittsburgh Libations Week, the best athletes ever, the best cereal milks ever, and much more.

From the episode description on The Epicast Network: An early examination into all things Philly-related makes for an entertaining opening to the latest Drinking Partners release. Jason Cercone, founder of Breaking Brews – a Pittsburgh-focused blog and website dedicated to highlighting and promoting the libations culture and community – joins Ed and Day as the talk switches to the Steel City and the thriving alcohol industry. Mr. Cercone’s goal, and one that the Drinking Partners enthusiastically support, is to make Pittsburgh a “drinking destination.” In support of that, he has founded Pittsburgh Libations Week, a year-long celebration with its inaugural week set for October 12 – October 20, 2018, an event that will educate and enhance those who sip anything crafted and distributed in Pittsburgh. The interview is a dynamic and thorough look into how both Mr. Cercone and the Drinking Partners have been advancing the idea of Pittsburgh as a “boozy” city. For anyone who enjoys any of the city’s craft creations, this is a must listen. For more information about Pittsburgh Libations week, visit https://www.pittsburghlibationsweek.com.












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