IT’S MEAD TIME: Mead and Food Pairing Guide

It’s Mead Time is an up close and personal look at mead, an adult beverage fermented with honey and water that dates back centuries, and its continuing rise in popularity throughout craft libations circles. Each month, together with Scott Neeley, Founder and mead maker at KingView Mead, we look to deliver news, information, and commentary about ‘The Hero’s Drink’ and bring you plenty of reasons why mead should be added to your consumption list.

What Mead to Pair with Your Food, What Food to Pair With Your Mead

If you’re like me (and 4 out of 5 people strive to be just that – #science), you love all of the elements a quality adult beverage brings with it. Inside the glass, there’s magic happening with your liquid of choice, no doubt about it. But outside the glass, there’s a bevy of experiences unfolding right before your very eyes. Couples connecting on a first date. Business deals progressing forward. Friends bonding over sports. Memorable experiences that can last a lifetime. And, of course, delectable foods from all over the world.

As long as people have been enjoying beer, wine, spirits, mead, you name it, they’ve taken on the task of finding the best food to pair with each. My earliest memories of food and beverage pairings found me at a wine and cheese pairing and this event in my early 20s sparked my interest for what potables complement delicious cuisine from all levels.

For the most part, my findings have centered around beer and wine. But recently, while helping my girlfriend move a piece of furniture, we started talking about what foods might pair best with mead (is it a sign of complex when you’re moving furniture and all you can think about is eating and drinking?). I’ve seen many beer dinners, wine dinners, and pairing events featuring those libations over the years, but nothing that focused on mead.

As I thought about it more, I deduced mead’s close relation to the wine family would probably lead to similar food pairings. But I didn’t want to rest on my own assumptions, so I reached out to my buddy Scott Neeley at KingView Mead to learn more. And, as I predicted, Scott had a wealth of knowledge on the subject to send my way.

Below is a guide listing various meads from the KingView portfolio exemplifying specific styles and giving you some perfect food suggestions to pair with each. If you’d like to grab a particular bottle of the KingView product, simply click the photo and order direct from their website!












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