IT’S MEAD TIME: KingView Collaborates, KingView Expands

It’s Mead Time is an up close and personal look at mead, an adult beverage fermented with honey and water that dates back centuries, and its continuing rise in popularity throughout craft libations circles. Each month, together with Scott Neeley, Founder and mead maker at KingView Mead, we look to deliver news, information, and commentary about ‘The Hero’s Drink’ and bring you plenty of reasons why mead should be added to your consumption list.

KingView Collaborates w/ Rivertowne for PCBW; Expansion Plans Are Underway

When the calendar officially rolls over to April, there’s a certain change in the Pittsburgh air. Spring time weather starts to make itself more comfortable, happily chasing away the coldness brought our way by Old Man Winter. The crack of the baseball bats begin to emanate from the North Shore as another Pirates season officially gets underway. There’s a feeling in the air that lets you know you’re truly alive.

And, if you like beer, April is the time you switch into full-on Beer Mode.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week officially begins its 6th year on Friday, April 21st and runs through Sunday, April 30th. Throughout the city, bars, breweries, restaurants, and charitable organizations will host unique events, fundraisers, and festivals…all centered around a beverage whose popularity has risen to dizzying heights in the Steel City.

But as PCBW unfolds, it’s important to remember the contributions of other adult beverages in our city. In addition to high-quality craft breweries, we have exceptional selections award-winning meaderies, wineries, and distilleries, as well as Pennsylvania’s first local craft spirits store currently being constructed in the Strip. It’s a damn fine time to be a Pittsburgher and a damn fine time to enjoy a tasty beverage!

In ‘It’s Mead Time,’ our focus is, naturally, on mead. And Scott Neeley, Founder and mead maker at KingView Mead, has been a huge proponent of the camaraderie generated from Pittsburgh’s entire libations scene. KingView is a sponsor of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week and also participated in the creation of a collaboration beer with Rivertowne Brewing.

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Collaboration beers have become the centerpiece of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. These efforts showcase the ingenuity that lives in our brewing community and gives each person involved an opportunity to contribute to a one-off beer you may never see or taste again. Past collaborative efforts have seen a s’mores stout, a white stout, and an ale brewed with…wait for it…Cool Ranch Doritos, among many other creative ideas. When it comes to craft brewing, there are no boundaries. And when brewers get together to create something unique and original, the sky’s the limit!

For the KingView/Rivertowne collaboration, all parties involved decided to merge the ingredients of beer and mead to brew a Sahti, a traditional beer style from Finland made from a variety of grains and exuding very low bitterness. Typical ABV ranges from 7% to 11% and IBUs typically tip the scales around or below 15.

The collaboration has been dubbed The Buzzerker, a Sahti brewed with juniper berries and fermented with 60 pounds of raw, locally-sourced honey, courtesy of KingView. The Buzzerker is 10% ABV, 10 IBUs, and pours a rich, copper color. May I drop the most inside of all jokes and just say, “Huss. Huss.”

“Brewing with Rivertowne was a great experience,” Neeley said. “These guys have a real passion for beer and the brewing process and I think we really hit a home run with The Buzzerker. I’m very excited to have a pint during PCBW.”

You can find this collaboration beer at Rivertowne restaurants and the brewery itself, as well as other craft beer destinations throughout Pittsburgh during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

KingView Announces Expansion Plans to Grove City

Big news for mead fans! Especially those living in the Grove City area.

KingView Mead has purchased 30 acres and are raising funds to build on the beautiful state-park like parcel located minutes from the Grove City Outlets. To help raise said funds, they are offering 2 for 1 incentive specials both on their website and at a special fundraiser event that will take place on Friday, April 21st at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Grove City. For every $1 you donate, they will give you $2 to spend once they open the new Grove City location.

The property will include a meadery/winery/cider tasting room and production facility, farm and orchards, 1.5 miles of hiking trails, gardens, fishing pond, and much more. Their project team consists of the brightest sustainable engineers and designers in the nation. They’ll be present at the fundraiser, so come meet them and learn more about the project.

Tickets are only $5 and include KingView tastings plus light fare. Follow the link and select a session:












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