Introducing Pittsburgh Libations Week

Earlier this winter, I had the opportunity to grab a couple beers with a gentleman who was in Pittsburgh by way of Vancouver to research our region’s beer market. His job, which is pretty kick-ass I must say, is to travel from market to market and discover how each operates by visiting breweries, bottle shops, bars, restaurants, etc. He is able to gain a good perspective of what stands out and what needs improvement, from beer characteristics to taproom ambiance to friendliness of the staff and more.

I was fortunate to connect with him towards the end of his adventures through the Pittsburgh drinking scene and am happy to report very positive feedback. He’s been all over the country and parts of Canada and his conclusion was Pittsburgh’s beer scene is towards the top of his list for most progressive and diverse around, complete with several breweries making exceptional beers that rival those found at breweries distributing across the country and offering taproom experiences guaranteed to bring customers back time and time again.

Considering you could count the number of breweries in Pittsburgh on one and a half hands just five years ago, this speaks volumes to how far we’ve progressed. But this growth and evolution doesn’t just pertain to beer. Our region is overflowing with distilleries producing award-winning whiskies and rums, as well as meaderies, wineries, and cider houses doing the exact same thing. Regardless of whether you label yourself a beer drinker, wine afficionado, spirits lover, mead maven, or cider sipper, Pittsburgh has a tasty beverage right up your alley thanks to the dedication of thousands of people who work tirelessly every day to bring you the very best.

It’s time we celebrate everyone and everything that makes the Pittsburgh libations scene shine.

It is in that spirit (see what I did there?) that I introduce to you Pittsburgh Libations Week, a celebration of our region’s entire adult beverage culture. PLW is designed to be a year-round brand that promotes businesses, events, ideals, education, camaraderie, and community through social media and connects libations enthusiasts to information they seek. Most importantly, we plan to partner with charitable organizations and donate portions of proceeds raised from sponsorships, events, and fundraisers.

Pittsburgh Libations Week is dedicated to the growth, evolution, and success of the Pittsburgh region’s libations community. It will be operated by industry professionals with a vested interest in the progression of adult beverages throughout Pittsburgh. It will strive to increase education to libations enthusiasts, raise awareness of craft beer, spirits, wine, mead, and cider in our community, and celebrate the efforts of every hardworking man and woman who serve as the lifeblood of this thriving and constantly evolving industry.

The inaugural Pittsburgh Libations Week is slated to unfold in the Fall of 2018, giving us a solid 16 months to build our organization. Throughout that period, several events are already in the works designed to connect businesses to the libations community, one being a PLW Kickoff Party. Stay tuned for information about that soon…

In the mean time, please Like Pittsburgh Libations Week on Facebook and Follow PLW on Twitter. Although a clean, easy-to-navigate website is in the works, it has yet to go live. However, please feel free to bookmark the link for future use.

From craft beer to cider to spirits to wine to mead and everything in between, a celebration of our entire city’s libations culture is long overdue. Pittsburgh Libations Week will be the new standard that abides by a strong purpose and appropriately represents the businesses within our region that make adult beverages all the rage. In addition, PLW will work with wholesalers and distributors who helped pave the road for a vibrant scene by bringing quality beers, wines, and spirits to town and continue to do so today. Finally, PLW will deliver you, the libations enthusiast, the type of coverage, education, and events you deserve. We aim to put Pittsburgh in the upper echelon of adult beverage destinations in the United States.

This is a celebration of us all, for us all. Put on your party hat and get ready for Pittsburgh Libations Week.

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