Introducing Outside The Pint (on my other blog)

Outside the Pint

FACT: I have another blog.

BIGGER FACT: I’ve been HORRIBLE with keeping up with it.

OBLIGATORY PROMISE: I’m gonna work on that.

Quite honestly, I owe the fact that I haven’t had much time to keep up with posting content on my other blog to you and all the other great supporters of Breaking Brews. Since this site has picked up so much momentum over the past year, I’ve been devoting the majority of my attention to ensuring Breaking Brews consistently delivers the content you desire and deserve. Numbers don’t lie…we are definitely onto something. THANK YOU for reading, sharing, commenting, and being part of the Breaking Brews/Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network community. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it ’til I fall off the stool: this whole enchilada is for you, the craft beer enthusiast who wants to connect with his or her libations culture in Pittsburgh.

I’ve had my other blog,, since 2010 and it has undergone many changes and facelifts since its initial launch about a week after my daughter was born. Presently, I am looking to make it a hub for everything I do with my business and will be posting 1-2 features per week that look at various aspects of the libations world. The idea is to keep some focus on the things that happen outside the drinking glass that make our scene tick in lockstep with the liquid inside the glass that makes things exist in the first place.

In that spirit, I recently launched Outside The Pint, a weekly commentary that will take a candid look at happenings in the libations world. Each post will be riddled with fact, opinion, ideas, and pretty bad ass font. Please feel free to drop your opinions on the subject matter in question in the Comments and share it on your social networks should you deem it appropriate.

Face it, I live to give you guys stuff to read.

I’ve done two Outside The Pint’s thus far. You can connect with them here:

Outside The Pint: The Rant

Outside The Pint: The Bubble











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