INFOGRAPHIC: What to Drink When You Eat, What to Eat When You Drink

With craft beer finding its way onto more taps and coming at you full force with various styles, modern spins on traditional offerings, and plenty of diversity across the board, trying to find the perfect beer to pair with your entre of choice can be a challenge. For example, the taste of a light pilsner may get lost when matched up against a complex burger featuring multiple ingredients – its light body just can’t cut all that flavor to cleanse your palate in proper fashion the way, say, a hoppy IPA or malt-forward brown ale can.

To help simplify this dilemma to some degree, my friends at Fox Ford in Waynesburg, PA created the following infographic to give you a simple point of reference for beer and food pairings. Their goal is to build useful, informative infographics that establish a connection with their community and this particular one is helpful on many levels for us craft beer/food enthusiasts. While it certainly doesn’t cover the full spectrum of all food and beers because, let’s face it, all of us have a life outside of this and time constraints simply won’t allow it, it definitely serves as a roadmap to ensure your next beer and food pairing delivers satisfying results.











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