Improvements to PCBN Connect’s Event Calendar and More

PCBN Nation,

You spoke. I listened.

Back in March, I launched PCBN Connect, a free mobile smartphone and tablet app designed to keep you better connected to the Pittsburgh craft beer and spirits scene. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to change, evolve, and improve this platform to give you the most user-friendly experience possible. You deserve the most comprehensive medium through which to gain access to the craft beer movement, and all of the outstanding craft beer destinations that have chosen to promote their businesses and events through PCBN deserve the cleanest, most informative platform on which to do so. As PCBN has come into its own, my mission has done so as well. The idea was never to just create an app, but to build a community comprised of active, passionate, well-informed craft beer enthusiasts who share, discuss, educate, and celebrate the monumental movement that is craft beer and spirits in Pittsburgh!

We are well on our way. But there’s ALWAYS room for more growth and change.

Some feedback I received about PCBN Connect’s Events & Happenings calendar, one of the most important elements of the app because it keeps you abreast of great events unfolding all over town, told me that all the big events our Network Connections were hosting, as well as the marquee events across our region, were getting “lost in the shuffle” with Daily Specials and Happy Hours. And while I feel those two entities are equally important to promote, I made a change that allows us to have both.

As you can see displayed in the graphic below, I’ve divided events into two sections: On the left, Events & Happenings will now focus primarily on the marquee events happening across our region, while Happy Hours will focus on the Daily Specials and, as the name suggests, Happy Hours of your favorite craft beer destinations across Pittsburgh. The Happy Hours section will also be featured on PCBN’s new website, which I am hoping to have fully active within the next couple weeks.

PCBN Events and Daily SpecialsI am also in the process of creating a new layout for the Events & Happenings Calendar. Once this is complete, I will install a beta test version and let you decide which format is most beneficial and useful. Remember, if you see an event you want to attend, all you need to do is click ‘Calendar’ within the event and it will automatically save to your device’s calendar. That way, you won’t forget…and we can enjoy a beer together!

Also, please refer to the Libations Connection section of PCBN Connect for information and business hours for breweries, meaderies, wineries, and distilleries all across Pittsburgh and beyond.

December will mark one year since I launched the first PCBN website and got this train officially moving down the tracks. Like our moniker says, it’s truly been a great celebration of Craft Beer, All Year here in our fair city. If you are reading this, I’d like to extend a personal message of thanks for being part of the community. I created Breaking Brews and PCBN so people could learn about craft beer and spirits, discuss it openly, and discover great venues putting it center stage. This platform has continued to grow and improve because of you. Your support, your feedback, and your use of PCBN as a primary resource for craft beer events and knowledge keep me motivated to keep it Pittsburgh’s #1 libations resource!


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