How to Get Your Hands on Brew Gentlemen’s Third Anniversary Bottle Release

One of Pittsburgh’s most popular craft breweries is on the verge of turning three.

Brew Gentlemen opened their taproom on the main drag in Braddock on May 21st, 2014 and founders Asa Foster and Matt Katase haven’t looked back. They transformed an old hardware store into a warm, convivial taproom with their own bare hands, bringing an exceptional business to an area of town all but forgotten due to the collapse of the steel industry in the 80s. Today, beer enthusiasts flock in droves to experience Brew Gentlemen’s mastery of hazy, juicy IPAs, farmhouse ales, and more.

Now approaching the finish line of their third year of operation, Brew Gentlemen have been recognized by Paste Magazine as their flagship, General Braddock’s IPA, reached #2 in a blind tasting of 247 IPAs from across the country! In addition, they finished #3 in USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best New Brewery. To say big things are continuing to happen in Braddock is an understatement and more exceptional gains are to be expected in Year Four.

One of my favorite things about Matt and Asa is their ability to stay humble and live in the moment. In a world where most people subscribe to the theory of time flying, these guys and their crew have embraced ‘the now’…enjoying each experience as they come and not feeling like life is a sprint instead of a marathon. They embrace the experiences taking place outside the drinking glass. There’s a lesson in that for us all: when sipping that next great craft beer offering, take a moment to soak in your surroundings. The people, the ambiance, the sounds. Life is happening all around you and the memories you make will stand out just as much, if not more, as the beer in your hand.

Each year an anniversary rolls around for Brew Gentlemen, they unveil a special bottle release to commemorate the occasion. This year’s edition, appropriately dubbed III, is a “thick and sticky bourbon barrel-aged barleywine with huge flavors of honey, raisin bread, marshmallow, toasted nuts, chocolate, and oak.” III will be available on draft on Sunday, May 21st, as well as 375mL bottles alongside, as they put it, some “extra-sexy anniversary glassware.”

In order to get your hands on a bottle, Brew Gentlemen is utilizing their taproom-only reservation system as they’ve done for special bottle releases in the past. Here’s how it works:

– From Thursday, May 11th through Saturday, May 13th, you can make a reservation to purchase bottles of III when it is released on Sunday, May 21st.

– Today, Friday, and Saturday, Brew Gentlemen will be accepting 100 reservations each day. Reservations must be made in person (not via phone, email, text, or smoke signal). If you don’t have a reservation, you will not be able to purchase bottles of III on the 21st.

– If there are any reservations remaining after Saturday, the available slots will roll into the following week. You can stay up-to-date on availability on Brew Gentlemen’s Facebook event page.

– Upon securing your reservation, you can choose a pickup window during regular taproom hours on Sunday (12pm – 4pm) and may purchase up to two 375mL bottles of III, priced at $12 each.

– A reservation is not a presale – no money will be taken until Sunday when you pick up your beer. Photo ID is required to make your reservation and secure your beer on the 21st.

Per Brew Gentlemen, this system was put in place for three reasons: “To minimize inconvenience to our regular customers, to keep our taproom experience pleasant, and to be respectful of our Braddock neighbors by avoiding excessive lines. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” In my opinion, this beats waiting in line for hours and eliminates the possibility of walking away with nothing.

Congratulations to the entire team at Brew Gentlemen on three years of success. Looking forward to what your fourth year and beyond brings to the party.












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