How To Effectively Use Untappd

How To Effectively Use Untappd

If you are a beer drinker, there’s a large chance you’ve heard of or used the app known as Untappd. According to Wikipedia, Untappd is a geosocial networking service and mobile phone application that allows its users to check in as they drink beers, and share these check-ins and their locations with their friends.

Not mentioned in this description is the fact that badges can be earned for special events, beer styles checked in, and other accomplishments you never knew you needed to accomplish as you consumed beer. In addition, you can reach new levels for certain badges the more you check in beers of a certain style, such as “I Believe in IPA Level 1, 2, 3, etc.”

On its merit, Untappd is a pretty cool concept. We as humans are pretty much glued to our phones all the live long day, so why not rate beer while we’re at it?

Because beer is supposed to be social. And staring at a smartphone is the exact opposite of that. That’s why not.

In case you were wondering, yes, you can earn a badge for checking in a large number of beers at your favorite beer festival. Neat. You can also kill a couple hours watching Gigli, but that doesn’t mean you should do it.

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I’ve heard a ton of reasons why Untappd rules. Here are some of those reasons, followed by some rationale I’ve provided in an attempt to bring change to check-in life:

“It’s a journal so I can track what I’ve had.” – OK, so if that beer is offered to you again, are you going to turn it down because you already had it once? Are you going to scroll through ALL of your check-ins to discover if you’ve had it before? When will this information ever be useful?

“I can go back and see if I liked a beer.” – You know what’s awesome about craft brewers? They innovate. They tweak. They fine-tune. They dial in recipes. This means a beer you checked in six months ago could be altogether different right now. Are you going to rob yourself of experiencing this beer because your app tells you that you hated it in the past? You should be answering ‘no’ to this, but I’ve actually watched this happen first-hand.

“I like to earn badges!” – Join the police academy.

“I like to see if other people think the beer is good before I try it.” – Why? Beer is subjective. The first 15 people on your Untappd feed may HATE a specific beer, but that doesn’t mean you will. It could become your all-time favorite, but you won’t know until you try it. If the locale your frequenting provides samples, give it a try. If they don’t, make an executive decision and find out for yourself.

And, instead of using beer festivals as a stomping grounds for arbitrary badge collecting, use it to try new styles you’re not familiar with. Sample sizes are just that: samples. If you like it, you’ve found something new to enjoy. If you hate it, dump it out and move on. The brewery will make more.

“It’s just for my personal recollection.”THEN WHY DID YOU SHARE YOUR UPDATE TO YOUR TWITTER FEED?!

Here is How To Effectively Use Untappd:

  1. Hit the home screen button on your smartphone
  2. Hit the lock button on your smartphone
  3. Put your smartphone in your pocket
  4. Drink beer and enjoy the company of those around you

And here is a more advanced way to effectively use Untappd:

  1. Find the Untappd app on your smartphone
  2. Press down on the app until it begins to shake
  3. Press the small ‘X’ to delete the Untappd app
  4. Confirm ‘Yes’ to delete the Untappd app
  5. Drink beer and enjoy the company of those around you

If you are going to use Untappd, do it when you’re by yourself. Beer brings everyone together to make memories and build relationships, not laboriously check in adult beverages at the expense of human interaction.

If you take one thing away from this How To, let it be this: That 1-cap review you gave a beer for that one ounce sample pour you received at the last beer fest you attended when you likely had a bunch of other beers that wrecked your palate dragged the overall rating of that brewery down. There’s legitimately no way you can assess a beer for all its characteristics and give it a fair rating with just a couple sips. If you’re going to assess beers, do it with a proper pour and experience that beer for all its worth.

As I mentioned above, use festivals for interaction and trying beers that live outside of your wheelhouse.



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