How Important Is Your Beer’s Glassware?

Have you ever taken the time to truly enjoy everything your beer gives you? The sound that fills the air as beer meets glass? The head that forms at the top of the glass, the final remnants of what’s hopefully a perfectly poured piece of art? The tiny bubbles that work their way from the bottom of the glass to the top in a harmonic dance? The glowing color of a pale ale beaming through or the darkness of a stout casting an overwhelming shadow?

Perhaps you’re not as “into it” as I am, but it’s everything about a freshly-poured craft beer that excites me. I try not to go on and on about notes and comparisons and remarks that some may take as snobbish. But I don’t hesitate to celebrate the creation my taste buds crave in every way imaginable.

It’s important to understand: even if the beer doesn’t shoot the moon for you, it’s someone’s creation. A brewer took time to hone and tweak and tinker until he or she felt this beer was worthy of sharing with you and I. There’s work involved. There’s passion. There’s a desire to serve and to please.

The appearance, the aroma, the taste at the start and the finish…these are all sensory items taken into consideration when judging a craft beer’s overall rating and character. But one element not always considered in the way a beer is delivered, consumed and appreciated is its receptacle.

Beer Glasses

In many cases, the glass in which you pour your beer makes all the difference. When it comes to a beer made with natural ingredients that’s housed in a bottle or can, you should always pour that beer into a glass of some sort to let the contents breathe and the flavor to run wild.

But did you know: The style of glass you pour your beer into can dramatically affect the beer’s color, aroma, taste, and head development and retention.

It was at this point that I planned to give a brief synapses of the different glass styles and which beers are best served in said glassware. However, the good folks at Beer Advocate have already done that for us! I’ll provide the link below.

The next time you prepare to pour yourself a fresh craft brew, consider how much you can amplify that beer by pouring it into its correct trophy case. Then, take a minute to enjoy it in all its glory before consuming.

Then repeat.

Check out the different glassware and which beer styles go well in each in this informative article on Beer Advocate!




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