Hops & The City: Brew Gentlemen Get Points for Style

I’m about to type two words that, when turned into a proper noun, are getting a lot of buzz about town: Brew Gentlemen. Stylistically, they pick one thing and explore all options. No stone, or hop as it may, left unturned.

Even at 5pm on a Thursday night, the pub was packed. Perhaps it was everyone fortifying themselves for the weekend. Families approaching. Criticism falling. Twinkly lights not twinkling. It’s easy to tell why they were recently selected as the best brewery in Pennsylvania.

But maybe, just maybe, the gents are onto something here. They truly know how to create an experience. They’ve been adding a touch of sophistication to Braddock since 2014. From the second you walk in, you’re immersed in the Brew Gentlemen atmosphere. They were up-cycling pallets and decorating with shiplap way before HGTV said it was cool.

If you think the attention to detail with decorating was on point, you need to dive into their beer. There are so many minute details, you really need to put your critical pants on to appreciate the subtleties in style between their beers. I enjoyed Foshomo DIPA, Deep Breakfast coffee milk stout, Flight Risk IPA, and Bubble Wrecked pale ale on my most recent visit.

Brew Gentlemen Foshomo and Deep Breakfast

This offering is the highly-hopped sibling to Momo, an IPA made with Mosaic hops. Mosaic, the daughter of Simcoe and Nugget, imparts a fantastic juicy quality to the aroma and taste. I typically tend to taste the sharp, dank, earthy notes in hazy IPAs before the juiciness, but this is citrus from the gate and hangs around until you finish it (quickly, if you drink IPAs like me).

Deep Breakfast
I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I have a mild affection for coffee. From every other post where I talk about a coffee beer to being told that I act homicidal if I don’t have my daily cup(s), it’s safe to say that coffee-producing regions have job security with menace-to-the-bean Angelica Ross around. If it was acceptable to drink beer for breakfast, this would go in the rotation. This is a coffee milk stout and it drinks differently than a typical coffee stout, but it drinks very well. It looks as dark and rich as Brew Gentlemen’s seasonal classic Mexican Coffee and smells similar, too, minus the chocolate. It’s a little thinner than a stout, undoubtedly due to the lactose part of the equation. Where the chocolate is lacking in the aroma, it makes up for in the finish.

Brew Gentlemen Flight Risk and Bubble Wrecked

Flight Risk
The second IPA in the line-up, Flight Risk looks similar to other Brew Gentlemen ales I tried, but tastes entirely different. It’s tangy and sharp at first, though it takes on a Pittsburgh-basement dankness as it sits. In a complete contrast, it’s also juicy, but not as sweet as Foshomo. I could also pick up on earthy, spicy, and piney notes; if I followed their other hop patterns closer, I may be able to make an educated guess on where the Brew Gentlemen like to go, but Google Maps was a little drunk at this point and couldn’t steer me along their path. When I asked, I was told there’s a proprietary blend of hops used. Can we agree to call that hipster?

Bubble Wrecked
This was the lightest of the bunch, but it imparted the same powerful punch. The aroma was hoppier than Flight Risk, though not as hoppy as Foshomo. Interesting, coming from a pale ale. It tasted sweet and slightly juicy, a trademark of Brew Gentlemen it seems, though it still had a differentiating quality. The finish here sets it apart from other beers in the line up with a subtle hint of cracker notes – not to be confused with the Eminem that was playing when I walked in.


It’s clear that Brew Gentlemen is doing their part to bring style into Braddock. They’re exploring all sides of a particular beer characters and teasing out flavors in a very skillful way. It takes dedication to play with nuances of flavors and they are doing it extremely well with each new offering they produce.










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