Hops And The City: Back to Basics at Industry Public House

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Industry Public House in Lawrenceville and North Fayette is the place to go when you want to be transported back to what the steel-crafting men of Pittsburgh past would crave after a hard day in the mill. Nothing is more industrial and satisfying than a burger, plate of fries, and a good ale.

The flights here include their house beers IPH, Copper Ale, and Hot Blast Habanero Pale Ale along with East End Brewing Company Big Hop IPA and Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale. You’ll want to make sure you pair these beers with their Social Hour specials to really get the full effect. Industry Public House offers half-priced Filament Fries and Flatbreads and $5 Entry Level Burghers. PS: did you know Industry’s house beer is brewed by Full Pint?


Industry Public House Hops and the City Flight

Industry IPH

Chinookie masquerading in sheep’s clothing is Industry IPH. Get it, IP*H*? Oh, those clever so-and-sos. This beer is brewed with Chinook hops to give it a piney, spicy quality that delivers on the hops, yet isn’t overpoweringly bitter. Those hops add interest to the yeastiness in the Buffalo Mac n’ Cheese Flatbread and work to counter the heaviness in the Chili Cheese Filament Fries to be the go-to Social Hour beverage of choice. You’re welcome for saving you from picking the wrong beer to go with your flatbread.

Industry Copper Ale

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a no-frills, what-you-see-is-what-you-get amber ale. I can imagine anyone would want to come in after a long day of work, pair this with a burger, and mutter something along the lines of, “America…fuck yeah.” I bet your uncle would say it because this is the kind of beer your non-craft-beer-appreciating uncle would pick up and be satisfied with. It tastes like beer to him, but to you, it tastes slightly sweet and pairs well with the spice in the Chili Cheese Filament Fries. Take my word for it. Actually, pair these up and see for yourself.

Industry Hot Blast Habanero Pale Ale

Perhaps named after the coal fires from the Pittsburgh of yore or perhaps named for the sting that comes from a backhanded compliment, Hot Blast Habanero Pale Ale will indeed put you on blast, though you may not realize it at first. To smell this and taste it are two different things. It doesn’t smell nearly as spicy as it tastes. Still, you brace yourself for the first sip, naturally assuming it’ll be hot–because habanero–but it tastes like an ale. There’s a slight heat, but that heat is tolerable. And then after you’re lulled into a false sense of, “Well that isn’t too bad,” your mother sneaks in and insults your hairstyle. The habanero takes over and it’s all you can think about. Cool things down with some fries. Fries don’t judge; fries understand.

East End Brewing Company Big Hop IPA

It’s nice to revisit some of your favorite beers, especially after a little time has passed. It allows you to appreciate them for what they are and maybe serve as a reminder of why you liked them in the first place. Coming back to Big Hop is like falling back into a comfortable friendship. There are new things you pick up on, like the subtle hint of malt that acts as a counterpoint to the hops, and elements that have never let you down before, like the punch of hops up front. As a twist on this visit, Big Hop is nice to experience after Hot Blast and along with the Buffalo Mac n’ Cheese Flatbread; the sweet touch of malt really stands out after all the heat.

East End Brewing Company Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale

Fat Gary seems to have slimmed down just a little. It isn’t the same beer I remember, but memories change over time. I’m loath to admit I haven’t stayed in touch with Gary as much as I thought I would have, but I’m happy to be reintroduced. The sweetness from the malt in this beautiful chocolate-hued liquid cuts through the greasiness in the chili fries and is a welcome dessert note to the session. The cumin in the chili and malt in Fat Gary are both subtle enough to play together perfectly without bullying the other off of the playground.

Sometimes, you don’t want any frills. Sometimes, you want something that won’t let you down. Sometimes, you need to go back to basics. And you will find all of that and more at Industry Public House. They blend their industrial vibe with comforting food and satisfying beer.

This is the place to reconnect with the hard-working roots of the Steel City and say, “Pittsburgh…fuck yeah.”






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