Hal’s Bottle Shop Rare Beer Club Field Trip

Being a member of the Hal’s Bottle Shop Rare Beer Club doesn’t just get you access to rare, kick-ass beers before anyone else. It also gives you a chance to hit the road and check out other breweries as well!

This past week, Bottle Shop Manager Danny Castriota took some of the Rare Beer Club members on a field trip to Ohio to check out  Great Lakes Brewing and Fat Head’s. This trip marks the first of potentially many for club members as this group continues to gain momentum as one of the top beer clubs in Pittsburgh. Hal’s Bottle Shop has taken customer appreciation to a new level by not just providing their customers with a wide variety of beer choices, but also memorable experiences.

The cool thing about Hal’s Rare Beer Club is that it’s open to everybody. And, to be perfectly frank, the customer experience at Hal’s is always top notch, so grabbing your to-go beers from Hal’s is truly a no-brainer. Danny is always willing to help you build the best possible six-pack based on the beers you love. And just being a customer at Hal’s Bottle Shop can help you earn points in the Rare Beer Club, which holds events and parties throughout the year to bring members together to celebrate their shared love of good, hard-to-find beer.

Click here to check out the feature I wrote for the event Hal’s Bottle Shop held this summer to kick things off for the Rare Beer Club.

Below are some pictures from the field trip to Great Lakes and Fat Head’s.

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