Get Toasty at The Beers of the ‘Burgh Winter Warmer!

There’s a lot to love about life in the Steel City. However, for most constituents of our fair city, the winter months don’t collide with that affection. The season inevitably comes, unwelcome and complained about by the majority, with an icy-steel chill that leaves us pining for humidity that went dormant just a few short months ago. Personally, it’s not my favorite time of year weather-wise, but old man winter also brings with it the hopes of a Super Bowl push for the Steelers, lots and lots of Penguins hockey, the joy of holiday tradition, and, just as important, a slew of heavy, body-heat-amplifying craft beers.

The Beers of the Burgh Winter Warmer takes place on Saturday, November 8th and will feature over 30 local and regional craft beer, wineries, and distilleries.
The Beers of the Burgh Winter Warmer takes place on Saturday, November 8th and will feature over 30 local and regional craft beer, wineries, and distilleries.

The cold season isn’t so bad when you take the necessary steps to make the most of it. Bundle up. Invest in a new snow brush/ice scraper. Clean out the eggs and milk at Giant Iggle if that’s your thing. And, above all else, welcome the bitter bite of coldness with the Beers of the ‘Burgh Winter Warmer on Saturday, November 8th!

Back in April, Beers of the ‘Burgh debuted with a terrific event that culminated after three years of planning and preparation. The event took place in The Warehouse on The Corner of Willow and 40th Street in Lawrenceville in the famous Construction Junction and brought together a plethora of Pittsburgh-born craft beers, ciders, wine, and more, and put them all under one roof for hundreds upon hundreds of craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy. Read more about April’s event here.

This Saturday’s Winter Warmer will be a further expansion on Beers of the ‘Burgh’s mission to raise awareness of local craft beers, while at the same time supporting a great local cause. The Winter Warmer will feature offerings from over 30 craft breweries, wineries and distilleries from Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. In addition, live music and your favorite food trucks will be on-hand to enhance what’s sure to be the ultimate kickoff to Pittsburgh’s craft beer winter season.

Proceeds from the Beers of the Burgh Winter Warmer will go to the Pittsburgh chapter of Variety the Children’s Charity, a foundation who strives to enable children with disabilities live life to the fullest with a focus on mobility, communication, and social inclusion/interaction. Variety’s “My Bike” program provides adaptive bicycles that are individually customized to eligible children with disabilities, so they have the freedom, joy, and belonging that comes from riding a bike. “My Bike” is made possible for kids with disabilities to no longer be left out or left behind and gives them the opportunity to discover the possibilities for their own lives.

Beers of the ‘Burgh’s mission is to celebrate their love of Pittsburgh and its craft beer scene by spotlighting the unique and diverse brewing community our city features. They are committed to being a resource for craft beer fanatics to stay exposed to everything taking place in our constantly-evolving brew scene. With over 30 established breweries in the region and even more in development, there’s undoubtedly a lot to talk about! Through events and blog profiles, Beers of the ‘Burgh is dedicated to keeping the craft beer community connected while, at the same time, showing support for local non-profit organizations.

Regular admission tickets to the Beers of the ‘Burgh Winter Warmer are sold out, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss this great event. VIP and DD tickets are still available, so don’t miss your opportunity to discover all the tremendous local craft options at your disposal! VIP tickets will help you beat the line by letting you in at 3:00 and give you exclusive access to a food and beer pairing courtesy of Bar Marco. All attendees will receive a keepsake sampling glass brought to you by Caliente Pizza & Draft House with two locations in Bloomfield and Hampton Township.

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