For the Love of Good Beer: What is Breaking Brews and Why You Should Give a Damn

Beer: Where Would We Be Without Thee?Beer…

Quite possibly the world’s most refreshing and satisfying drink. This magic elixir has stood the test of time and been a part of humankind forever and a week, with its original creation dating back to times BC and evolving over centuries into a variety of different tastes, styles, colors, and aromas. No other drink has served as much purpose and created so much buzz and mass appeal than beer. I could easily turn this into a history lesson, but the development of beer through the ages has been covered ad nauseam. And while important elements of beer’s history will be sprinkled into the pages of Breaking Brews, this site was not designed to relive the past.

One thing we know about the human race is we are creatures of habit. It’s very easy to fall into a routine and stay the course. The same clothes, the same haircut, the same car, even the same food and drink. Sometimes, each day runs into the next…to the point we envy the plight of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day with our monotonous routines.

That routine, coupled with constant, in-your-face, somewhat entertaining advertisements from the big guys like MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch In Bev make it simple to order an easy-drinking, no-questions-to-ask-because-there’s-nothing-to-question light beer when you’re watching the game or meeting with friends and/or co-workers after a long day. You don’t even think about it, you just do it. No wonder ‘the brewopoly’ owns over 50% of the beer marketshare in America, right?

The money they pour into advertising is nothing more than a brainwashing mechanism to keep you, the consumer, interested in drinking their product, and keep the retailers reserving shelf space for their exorbitant amount of differently-packaged products.

However, there’s a paradigm shift taking place in the beer world…and it’s happening one person at a time. A major factor driving this shift is the fact you now have the ability to choose how you absorb information thanks to a wide variety of online mediums such as Social Media and blogs. Therefore, you aren’t forced to watch a clever ad that may lead you down a path of conformity. In addition, you are getting older and wiser and, if you haven’t already, realize drinking a case of ‘brewopoly’s best’ in one sitting has completely lost its luster.

Enter: Craft Beer

DEFINITION | n: a beer with a distinctive flavor, produced in small quantities and distributed in a particular region.

Drink Craft BeerThe two key words in that definition are ‘distinctive’ and ‘flavor.’ For argument’s sake, the brewopoly beers have a distinctive flavor too, but their product has gained mass appeal through their advertising machines. It’s mass produced…nowhere near small quantities. Where as the creation of a craft beer runs parallel with the work of a great chef. Every time a brewer concocts a new recipe, there’s potential for greatness to be captured in a bottle. And if greatness is brewed in small quantities, it makes us pine for it even more.

Brewers of craft beer exist on many levels. Those who have hit the mainstream and seen their product spread from one coast to the other, some who’ve stayed regional, others who brew from their homes. But despite the level they’re playing on, these brewers share a common thread. They create art. Art that’s forged from passion, creativity, a desire for uniqueness, and the mission to bring to life a libation that gets over not from an ad, but from the product that comes from within the bottle.

Quite frankly, that needs to be celebrated. And more people need to understand the quality craft beer delivers.

Enter: Breaking Brews

I started Breaking Brews for two simple reasons:

  1. I absolutely, positively, undeniably love beer. And this is my outlet to discuss, share, learn, and contribute to the growing craft beer society, if even in the smallest of ways.
  2. In order for the craft beer society to grow, awareness levels must grow, too. So many people have become creatures of bland, fizzy habit, they’re missing out on a world of beer that’s brewed with heart, soul, and ultimately, flavor.

I see the craft beer scene like this: the brewopoly is winning in the polls, but craft beer is winning the battle on the streets. And the more people who discover craft beer, the more people who challenge their palates, the more successful craft beer will be.

The goal behind Breaking Brews is to discuss craft beer in a fun, open platform, with the schtick of “beer snobbery” completely removed. Some of the topics Breaking Brews will delve into include, but are in no way limited to:

  • The Craft Beer Revolution and the ones blazing the trail
  • Bars, restaurants, and pubs that feature craft beer
  • Home brewers and how they create their masterpieces
  • Craft beer and food pairings
  • Different styles of craft beer
  • Training your palate to love craft beer
  • The people who love craft beer and why
  • Submissions from anyone and everyone with an opinion on craft beer
  • and MORE!

Drinking a full-bodied stout or hoppy IPA does not make you a beer snob. It makes you a person who makes their own choices and doesn’t let ads dictate what you drink. The craft beer scene is alive and well, and it’s time for you to pour yourself a pint and discover what the ‘dark side’ of beer has to offer!

Cheers, and let’s tap into craft beer Greatness!




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