East End Brewing Gratitude Release Day Happens Saturday

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: one of the greatest days of the year is nearly upon us. And no, that’s not because it’s acceptable to put saran wrap on someone’s toilet seat that day for April Fool’s Day. It’s East End Brewing’s Gratitude Barleywine Release Day!

But, you know, if that saran wrap deal is your thing…let us know how it goes.

Saturday’s event is the 12th release of Gratitude for East End and it’s shaping up to be one of their biggest release days ever. “Biggest” because it’s looking like there will be a BUNCH of other bottles and cans to add to the mix.

The following comes directly from the East End website, so, just like if it were made with real bits of panther, you know it’s good:


  • 2016 Gratitude Barleywine in 22oz bottles, wax dipped, $17
  • 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 16oz cans, sold in packs of 4 for $40, or single cans for $11.
  • Moonstomp Cascade-Hopped Berliner Weisse brewed with/at Pizza Boy Brewing Co. in 16oz cans, six pack for $16, no singles.
  • Eye Opener Vanilla Coffee Porter*, in 22 oz bottles, $9
  • Homewood Reserve 2016 in 22 oz bottles, $11
  • TBA Another Packaged Beer!
  • TBA YET ANOTHER Packaged Beer!!


  • Special Gratitude Release Day Flight: INFO COMING SOON!
  • As well as existing bottles & cans:
    • 2008A Gratitude Barleywine* (paper overwrap 750 ml bottle, $15)
    • 2015 Homewood Reserve* (22oz bottle, $11)
    • Old Knobby* (22oz bottle, $11)
    • BBA Fatter Gary* (22 oz bottle, $11)
    • 2015 Gratitude Barleywine (22 oz waxed bottle, $19)
    • 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (16oz cans, $60 for pack of 4, singles $16)
    • Moonstomp Berliner Weisse* (22 oz bottle, $12)
    • Smokestack Heritage Porter* (22oz bottle, $11)
    • Toaster Imperial Stout* (22oz bottle, $13)

Oh, and those TBAs for other packaged beer releases…

BREAKING NEWS FROM BREAKING BREWS: TBA #1 is Bigger Hop 16oz. cans and TBA #2 is Wheat Hop 16oz. cans! A 4-pack of 16oz. cans of both beers will be $12/each + tax.

Plan on hanging out all day? Chances are, you’ll get hungry. Thankfully, PGH Po’Boy and Man Beast BBQ will be in the house to the grumble to a bare minimum.

No tickets or admission fee required. Just come show your gratitude and pick up some Gratitude!

Here are the official Rules of the Day, also courtesy of East End’s website. All those in defiance of said rules shall be sacked accordingly. Yeah, that’s right, a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference…

  • NO TICKETS: This came together in a hurry this year so there wasn’t time to do ticketing like last year. That means we’re asking your help to be polite and orderly. We’ll have food trucks and beer on hand so there’s really no reason for anyone to be grumpy. Our doors open promptly at noon.
  • HOW MUCH CAN I BUY?: If there’s a line, you’re limited to one case of any of the “STUFF WE’RE RELEASING APRIL 1” listed above. If there’s no line, there’s no limits. So maybe get in line and get your “Must-Haves,” then have a sandwich and a beer, and circle back for more.
  • PRICING? Prices are listed above next to each beer.
  • WHERE IS IT? WHERE CAN I PARK? Gratitude Release is only at our Larimer Brewpub, 147 Julius St, Pittsburgh PA 15206. (Sorry Taproom fans!) And while our outdoor lot is closed for food trucks and picnic table season, there’s plenty of street parking available on Frankstown and Julius Ave. Please don’t jam up Julius Street and park in front of our neighbor’s house; just go one block north or south to find all the parking you need!
  • WHAT CAN I DRINK? Glad you asked! Any of the bottles above with an “*” next to them means you can drink them on site. For everything else, we ask that you do not open them here, and stick to the flights or regular draft beers available.
  • CAN I BRING MY OWN BEERS TO SHARE? Sorry, no. Now that we’re a pub, we can only allow consumption of East End beer on site; please do not bring in your own beer to drink. We need to be “in charge of your sobriety” while you’re on our licensed premises.
  • I’M HUNGRY: PGH Po’Boy and Man Beast BBQ will both be here for a Food Truck Showdown Throwdown of Deliciousness.
  • BUT WHAT ABOUT GROWLERS AND/OR CROWLERS, MAN? Bring them along! Our regular beers on draft can be filled like normal; it’s just the special stuff and new releases that are not available for Growler/Crowler fills… but that’s why most of them are in bottles and cans.
  • THIS SOUNDS FUN: We agree! 



EVENT: Gratitude Release Day
DATE: Saturday, April 1st, 2017
TIME: 12:00pm – 9:00pm
LOCATION: East End Brewing Company – Larimer











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