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Buzz Worthy Pub TriviaMarch 2016 – Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia

If you’ve been reading Breaking Brews since it first went live in February of 2014, you know the tone of voice we like to take is from the informative and educational yet laid-back disposition. It’s never been about making craft beer out to be something that it’s not. At the end of the day, it’s beer. It’s just beer that’s made with more TLC, more quality ingredients, and more creativity than that of the macros that have been mass-produced and mass-marketed for decades. It’s not our mantra to focus primarily on the liquid inside the glass but, instead, celebrate all the incredible experiences that unfold because of what’s inside the glass.

Beer brings people together. It’s a catalyst for partnerships, relationships, memories (some clearer than others), and gives you a damn good excuse to get together with the people you care about the most. And, once you all congregate at your favorite destination, there’s no telling what good times will ensue.

For years, one of the most popular trends designed to draw a crowd to a watering hole has been trivia. Few events combine the enjoyment of drinking your favorite beverage while, at the same time, trying to prove you’re the smartest guy or gal in the room. A win at bar trivia is a thrill that lasts a whole week and every session gives you the opportunity to defend your crown and keep your bragging rights in tact.

Trivia can be found in many different formats, but one of the most fun groups serving up diverse and challenging questions sweeping through Pittsburgh is Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia. Back in 2013, Cassie Hough and Rebecka Butterworth decided to take trivia to a new level and founded Buzz Worthy, offering up five rounds of trivia with seven questions each round. They employ fun, energetic hosts who engage the audience and keep the evening moving forward in an efficient manner…all housed in some pretty awesome venues throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Cassie Hough and Rebecka Butterworth, co-founders of Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia
Cassie Hough and Rebecka Butterworth, co-founders of Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia

“From our amazing hosts, the bar owners and their staffs, and all the people who come out and play, each person has contributed to the success and growth of our business,” Rebecka explained.

This month, Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia grabs the mic and takes center stage in the Breaking Brews Craft Beer Spotlight.

Rebecka and Cassie became friends while studying at the University of Pittsburgh. Ironically enough, they met in a public speaking course (that neither of them enjoyed). Trivia started at Hough’s Taproom in April 2011, where it has occurred every Tuesday at 7:30pm ever since. Each week they would attract another team of thirsty competitors and, before they knew it, they were hosting to a full house week after week. After both girls graduated from Pitt and took on full-time jobs, they decided they’d like to pursue the trivia tradition at other establishments throughout the week.

As both Cassie and Rebecka enjoy quality craft beer, it was no chore visiting local bars to feel out the crowds, talk to friends in the industry, and gain insight on the exciting endeavor before them. They felt their production was unique and appropriate for what was happening in the Pittsburgh beer scene and, if nothing else, was worth a shot.

Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia LLC was born in 2013.

Since incorporating their business, Buzz Worthy has expanded to 24 different locations from Bethel Park to Indiana, PA and everywhere in between. Over the last few years, Rebecka and Cassie admit they are most thankful for the people they have met on their adventure.

“A few perks of being a Buzz Worthy entrepreneur is being able to work alongside your best friend on a daily basis and the feeling of knowing and seeing what hard work brings, Cassie said.”

“The first thing we tell people joining our team is to enjoy the experience because this is the most fun you’ll ever have ‘working,'” Rebecka added. “Running this company has gone from a hobby to a passion. It’s something we enjoy doing every day.”

Buzz Worthy events not only give players the opportunity to win awesome prizes from the host venues, there is often the chance to win additional prizes as well. They’ve been known to raffle off surprises ranging from brewery swag to concert tickets for shows at Stage AE in the North Shore along with Opus One Productions at killer venues like Mr. Smalls Theatre in Millvale, Club Café in South Side, and Brillobox in Bloomfield. Combine all this with a night out with your family and friends and you’ve got yourself a pretty memorable evening.

As I mentioned before, Buzz Worthy trivia events feature five rounds with seven questions in each round. The categories are incredibly diverse, from sports to music to geography to miscellaneous and many, many more. All five rounds promise to challenge your mind and keep things interesting throughout the entire game. Up to four players are allowed per team. The first question of the round is worth one point, the second two points, and so on, giving participants the possibility of earning 28 points per round. No Googling or asking neighbors for help is permitted and you have approximately 50 seconds to answer each question. This format results in more engagement between your trivia host and your team, thus making the evening much more enjoyable.

Of course, trivia nights wouldn’t be possible without challenging questions. Cassie and Rebecka employ four writers who write and research each week’s questions and answers to ensure every venue has fresh categories. These writers may work behind the scenes, but their dedication to ensuring trivia players have a superb experience is extremely important to Buzz Worthy’s overall success.

Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia has experienced tremendous growth in Pittsburgh and has reached many locations, including local brewery taprooms like Hop Farm, Spoonwood, East End, and Voodoo in Homestead. Many venues hold weekly Buzz Worthy trivia nights, while some host trivia bi-weekly or monthly. Buzz Worthy also hosts quarterly Trivia Bowls where representatives from all Buzz Worthy venues are invited to a specific location to do battle with one another.

Below are the venues where you can participate in five rounds of cerebral smackdown courtesy of Buzz Worthy:

Buzz Worthy Events

Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia is free to play and lets you flex your mental muscles. You are welcome to bring your crew to any of the venues above or, if you’d like to get your favorite watering hole on board with The Buzz, refer them to to sign up!

In the coming months, Cassie and Rebecka plan to show their appreciation for their hosts and writers by doing spotlights of their own on the Buzz Worthy website. These features will give you a new connection to your hosts and help you get to know them a little bit more. This level of connection adds another layer to Buzz Worthy Trivia and exemplifies how much Cassie and Rebecka understand the importance the role their team plays in their growth.

It’s safe to say neither Cassie or Rebecka dreamed of owning a trivia company, nor did they think in just a few years their company would expand throughout Pittsburgh the way it has. But both can agree they are very appreciative of their hardworking team, awesome Buzz Worthy trivia establishments, regular trivia go-ers and their friends and family for all their support. It’s been a fun ride and they both look forward to the many years ahead.


You can find all dates and times for Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia events on PCBN Connect’s Events & Happenings Calendar.






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