Craft Beer Spotlight: Beer Meets Metal at Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest

Have you ever been fortunate enough to walk into a brewery during non-business hours? It’s a very cool vibe. Absent is the hustle and bustle of the staff, owners, and brewers that helps keep our glasses full and our experiences memorable. Present is the sight of incredibly hard work as brewers labor over their kettles in preparation of their latest brew, the smell of delicious wort as that new brew comes to life, and sounds of heavy music blaring from the speakers.

Undoubtedly, music and craft beer share an incredible connection. If you’re like me and are sipping a beer reading this just as I was while writing it, chances are excellent that beer in your hand came to be with a strong musical accompaniment. About a year ago, I dove into this subject to discover what some of our local brewers crank while churning out good beers. It’s definitely an interesting tapestry and the musical selections from brewery to brewery are as diverse as the tap lineups at your favorite craft beer destinations.

As many brewers will tell you and as I experienced first-hand brewing PCBN’s first collaboration beer with Meg Evans, Head Brewer at Rock Bottom, brewing is a lot of repetition and a lot of sanitizing. But with music, each step in the brewing process takes on new meaning. Laborious tasks become easier to push through. Creative beer names may spring from a song’s lyrics. A parallel is drawn between two different art forms, both consumed in different capacities but designed to stimulate the full spectrum of senses.

Beer and music. Fuck yes.

Brewtal LogoMost beer festivals you’ve attended up to this point have featured live music in some capacity. But metal and punk music? Probably not. In addition, it’s highly unlikely any of these bands actually collaborated with the breweries on-hand in the creation of the beers you consumed. But that’s OK…we are about to shake things up.

Introducing the first-ever Pittsburgh Brewtal Beerfest, an all-new, first-of-its-kind beer festival that brings heavy metal music and craft beer together on one platform with a goal of building a bridge adjoining the two art forms. Across the globe, heavy metal musicians have been collaborating with breweries to create unique beers and Brewtal is poised to bring that philosophy to Pittsburgh. Four local breweries will be collaborating with four local bands to create four different beers that will be pouring AT THE EVENT ONLY on Sunday, November 6th at Spirit in Lawrenceville from 3-8:30pm (VIP Session starts at 3:00, General Admission starts at 4:00). In addition, several other local breweries will be in the house dispensing beers in unison with heavy guitar riffs and pure punk and metal celebration!

Brewtal is the brainchild of Meg and James Evans, two incredible people with incomparable brewing skills and a strong affection for metal and punk music. Meg, as I mentioned before, is the Head Brewer at Rock Bottom and James is the Assistant Brewer at Spoonwood Brewing, another brewery involved with bringing Brewtal to the masses. To learn more about the event, I texted Meg with a few questions. Her answers alone showed me how committed she is to making Brewtal a long-standing beer and music tradition in Pittsburgh.

Brewtal Banner

Here’s what Meg had to say about Brewtal:

A couple years ago I went to my husband (James) and asked him, “Why aren’t there any Metal Beer Festivals?” With that question, the seed was planted. By random chance, within two weeks of talking about this (privately I should add), James’ boss asked him the same question. By a fortunate stroke of serendipity, there was someone else who wanted to make this happen! BAM! PGH Brewtal Beer Fest was born!

Music and beer go together just as well as peas & carrots. Okay, fuck that corny comparison. Let’s just say, they go together well. Many brewers are fans of alternative and heavy music, and many musicians, well, love beer. Both industries are always up against larger syndicates who often dictate what our audiences see and consume. Which fuels the work we produce in an artfully, craft-driven way. What I’m really saying is this: we like to give our middle finger to the status quo and do our own thing! Yeah, UP THE PUNX! 

Okay, Okay… I think you get my point. Let’s dive into what PGH Brewtal Beer Fest is. 
A) Beer Fest
B) Music Fest
C) Uhm… yeah that’s it.

We are bringing together FOUR local breweries and FOUR local bands to create FOUR one of a kind beers that you can find ONLY at this festival. Of course, there will be plenty of other beer from some of our favorite local metal head brewers. 

This will be a longer festival, so we will have food available in our NOSH PIT! (That’s totally metal, right?!) If you purchase your ticket through our soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign, you will get a meal ticket to redeem at the festival. Additional food may be purchased!

General Ticketing Details: 
1 ticket for a beer sample (approximately 2 oz. pour)
4 tickets for an 8 oz. pour

General Admission – 20 Drink Tickets
VIP Admission – 20 Drink Tickets / Meal Ticket / Event T-Shirt

Additional Drink Tickets:
4 tickets for $6 
8 Tickets for $10

Additional drink tickets may be purchased at an additional charge. We want everyone to be safe at this LONG beer festival, so if you are too inebriated, you will not be sold additional drink tickets.


Does this not excite the hell out of you?! If you love beer and you love metal music, missing this festival is inexcusable.

Here are the bands and the collaborating breweries:




Brewtal is sponsored by:

The inaugural Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest promises to be the next big thing in beer and music events in the Pittsburgh region. Stay tuned to the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network in the upcoming days and weeks for breaking news, full-scale ticket sales, participating breweries, sponsors, and more.

Brewtal Beer Fest’s Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE! Click here to discover all the bitchin’ prizes your support gets you.

And, take a quick minute to like Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest’s Official Facebook Page. Also, follow Brewtal on Twitter and Instagram.













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