Caliente Goes North! Second Location Set to Open In Hampton Thursday

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gourmet pizza and craft beer enthusiasts of all ages (21 and over for the craft beer folks), the highly-anticipated arrival of one of Pittsburgh’s top pizza and draft houses setting up shop in the North Hills is upon us! 

A Caliente PizzaCaliente, a name that’s become synonymous in Pittsburgh with serving up award-winning gourmet pizzas and featuring one of the city’s most unique and diverse craft beer selections, is opening their second location in Hampton Township on Route 8 on Thursday, October 16th. They’ve acquired the establishment formerly known as The Sports Zone and have re-branded it under the Caliente name. Those familiar with their current craft beer destination in Bloomfield should expect nothing different in regards to tremendous pizza, great atmosphere, and, of course, a world-class list of craft beer options. 

Owners Nick and Angie Bogacz have worked tirelessly to put Bloomfield’s Caliente on the map. By constantly evolving, listening to their patrons in regards to what beers they like, and consistently holding innovative and enjoyable craft beer events, they’ve transformed Caliente from a virtual unknown into one of the most talked about locales in Pittsburgh in just over two years of ownership.

Now, they get to bring their labor of love back to where it all began for both of them.

“This is the location where Angie served her first beer as a waitress back in high school,” Nick said. “I also began my pizza career a football field away from our new establishment. It’s surreal, a dream come true. It’s great to be back where it all started.”

This past summer, I featured Caliente Pizza & Draft House in the Breaking Brews Craft Beer Spotlight and, in addition to giving them tremendous props on their accomplishments, mentioned their continuing success seemed to be inevitably paving the way for growth and expansion. The quote read, “With the word clearly out and the Caliente footprint 110% stamped, the potential for growth is limitless.”

See, I told you guys I know what I’m talking about. 🙂

Caliente was built on passion, drive, and dedication to become more than just “another pizza joint.” With award-winning pie that’s been recognized in Pittsburgh as 3rd best out of over 2,000 locations, it’s entirely safe to say no one sees them as “another pizza joint.” But factor in the level of care and attention they put into crafting their beer selection, combined with creating a welcoming atmosphere with knowledgeable waiters, waitresses and bartenders, and you’ve got yourself a destination you know you’ll be frequenting time and time again.

The new Caliente will feature eight coolers and over 350 bottles to choose from, as well as 10 rotating craft beer taps to kick things off. If you like Caliente’s diverse beer selection in Bloomfield, wait ’til you feast your eyes on what Nick and Angie have in store for you in Hampton! Plus, the events you’ve come to know and love from Caliente will go down in their North Hills location as well.

Where will you be on October 16th? I know I’ll be saddled up nicely to the new bar, Spinach & Feta pizza in one hand…unique craft beer in the other. Hope to see you there!

The New Caliente Pizza & Draft House is located at 4706 William Flynn Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15101. You’ll find it next to Sears by the Hampton Beer Outlet.

Caliente Pizza and Draft HouseP.S. — I will be live tweeting happenings from the Caliente opening this Thursday. Find me for a photo-op and/or to enjoy a great craft beer. And no, I’m not sharing my pizza with you. OK, maybe a slice… 🙂




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