Brewing ‘Burgh: What Are Your Top 5 Pittsburgh Craft Beers?

Brewing ‘Burgh is an inside look at craft beers created, consumed, and celebrated right here in the heart of the Steel City. With the rise of the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh, these beers bring brand new meaning to the term “City of Champions.”

Craft Beer PittsburghFor this installment of Brewing ‘Burgh, I wanted to get you, a proud member of the Pittsburgh craft beer brethren, involved in the fun. Instead of me simply talking about the great beers to be found across the Steel City, I wanted to give you an opportunity to partake and make your voice heard in regards to our tremendous craft scene.

With a vast array of craft beer options with a birth certificate reading Pittsburgh, this was not an easy list to compile. However, as I narrowed it down to my Top 5, I realized the fact that it wasn’t easy is what made the exercise fun. It exemplifies the amount of good beer we have at our disposal on a local level and, ultimately, how thankful we should be that so many individuals have taken their passion for creating incredible beer to the next level.

My final list of five are simply my favorites. Trust me, narrowing it to five required some thought. Also, I know this list will more than likely evolve as I partake in more of the local offerings, most likely creating several ties and logjams in a what’s already becoming a tremendous list of local smash hits.

So here we go…my Top 5 Pittsburgh-Born Beers:

1. East End Big Hop – Always a local go-to and will forever be one of my sentimental favorites. Twas a Big Hop I was consuming when I came up with the idea for Breaking Brews. Tremendously hoppy but not too bitter, Big Hop is everything a Pittsburgh hophead could want.

2. Full Pint Tri-PA – A 10% ABV punch of deliciousness, this beer truly embodies my belief that I will never tango with an Imperial IPA that I won’t let lead. The kid in me wants to consume uncontrollably, but the adult in me tries to drink responsibility. Thank goodness for growler fills so I can partake at home after putting the car in park.

3. Helltown Idle Hands – Yes, I love IPAs. I’ve made peace with this. And Helltown truly delivers to my hoppy desires with this Double IPA. Available in the Spring, this 8% offering is a thing of beauty.

4. Full Pint Rye Rebellion – Full Pint hits my Top 5 again with this tremendous Imperial Stout. We all know the winter months in Pittsburgh can be hard to bear. A Rye Rebellion makes things just a little bit easier.

5. Roundabout Ginga Wheat – If ever there was a beer to get you through an unseasonably humid Pittsburgh summer day, Ginga Wheat takes the prize. I’ve found myself delving into more wheat beers this summer simply to see if they live up to this one. So far, the search goes on…

So here’s your mission…should you choose to accept it:

With such a diverse craft beer scene in Pittsburgh, I’d like for you to provide your Top 5 Pittsburgh-Born Beers in the comments below. You may provide an explanation as to why, or simply list them by name. My hope and thought is with enough participation, ALL the local breweries will get the recognition they deserve for the incredible beers they produce.

Have fun, and I look forward to reading all the great responses.

Cheers n’at!





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