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Brewing ‘Burgh is an inside look at craft beers created, consumed, and celebrated right here in the heart of the Steel City. With the rise of the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh, these beers bring brand new meaning to the term “City of Champions.”


I don’t know about you, but I loooooooove the smell of fresh breweries popping up. There’s all this talk about a craft beer bubble and its inevitable bursting due to so many new breweries hitting the scene. Nonsense! Consider how much room for growth and how much marketshare craft beer has to steal from the conglomerates and, as a craft beer lover, just smile ear to ear, baby!

As is documented on Breaking Brews and other publications, the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh is growing by leaps and bounds. New breweries are entering the region, and more establishments are getting hip to the game, increasing the number of craft options on tap for their patrons to enjoy. This has opened up the opportunity for local-based breweries to enter the fold and gain traction in a city that’s quickly becoming a hotbed for artisanal beers.

Roundabout Brewery GrowlerOne brewery making their footprint in the Pittsburgh brewing scene is Roundabout Brewery located on Butler Street in Pittsburgh. They bring a wealth of experience from around the world to our brewing community and have been plotting the opening of their own brewery for over a decade. From Florida to Hawaii to California to New Zealand to St. Louis, all the brewed beer and all the gained knowledge has been poured into a great brewery fueled by passion for delivering exciting new craft beer options.

It’s not always easy coming into a new area and getting a business off the ground. Thankfully, Pittsburgh is a different culture in that respect. The craft beer revolutionists in our town understand the greater good is more options and more choices for their customers, thus they work together to help new start-ups get the ball rolling. Roundabout is no different and offers its thanks to other local breweries and business owners for helping them launch. Collaboration and working together can truly make a major difference.

Roundabout Brewery is another great piece in Pittsburgh’s craft beer machine. The more great beer options available, the more people will take notice that “different” beers exist. Personally, from the Roundabout line, I’m a tremendous fan of the Ginga Wheat and highly recommend you visit their location and pick up a growler or two. Wheat beers aren’t my #1 preference, but I view Ginga as the perfect relaxing-on-the-patio-on-a-warm-evening beer and would gladly fill my pint with it as the summer nights roll on.

Below is Roundabout’s description of Ginga Wheat, borrowed directly from their website:

Ginga Wheat: Back on tap after a long cold winter, Ginga is an American wheat beer made with fresh pressed ginger, McCormack honey (Aliquippa) and lemon. This delightfully refreshing wheat beer pairs well with relaxation and sunshine.  Ginga was inspired by a ginger lager brewed in Dyana’s home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. The Dux de Lux created a beautifully refreshing beverage served best during the summer season out on the patio next to the famous Arts Centre. Unfortunately, earthquakes in Sept 2010 and Feb 2011 claimed both the Dux and Arts Centre.  We would like to carry on the tradition of a good hard ginger beer. Nothing like ginger ale, or an English/Jamaican ginger beer.

Click Here to read the full Roundabout Brewery story, as well as discover what else they’re pouring for growler fills on their premises. At this time, their beers are only available for growler fills, but they are hoping to move forward with a full brewpub in the future.

To conclude, I’ll keep it simple. Below is a great line from Roundabout’s website. It’s sound advice.

“Now go out and support Pittsburgh craft beer.”

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