The Constantly Changing Craft Beer World

Overall, beer distribution is changing. Nationwide, we have more than exceeded the number of operating breweries that existed pre-Prohibition and there’s no sign of a slow down anytime soon. Many of those breweries are distributing large amounts of beer to markets across the country, thus giving enthusiasts a wide variety of options to choose from at beer distributors, bottle shops, and bars wherever they venture.

At the same time, local breweries continue to rise and many craft beer destinations have turned their attention to these homegrown products. The new brewery model is not solely based on building a large distribution footprint, but rather driving enthusiasts directly to their taproom in order to expose customers to their full portfolios, as well as a wide selection of culinary options. This helps maximize margins on each barrel of beer produced. With breweries in seemingly every neighborhood, breweries who have built large, nationwide distribution footprints have re-evaluated their reach as sales have been affected by the sheer volume of local beer flowing from state to state.

In other words, the likelihood of a beer shortage in the United States anytime soon is slim to none – and slim already packed his bags.

For smaller breweries focusing on delivering the ultimate taproom experience to consumers, small-scale distribution is a vital element that can introduce a beer enthusiast to their locally-born products. This is where my focus lays for the four breweries and one meadery I currently represent. Together with the ownership and production force of these operations, we strive to put fresh product in the hands of craft beer destinations and give them the opportunity to showcase these offerings to their customers. In turn, should the customers be impressed with these offerings, the likelihood of them visiting the brewery in the future increases. And, if not, they know they can always rely on their favorite watering hole to carry the very best local product available.

Brands I Represent

I am proud to serve as the Brand Manager for Levity Brewing Company, Noble Stein Brewing Company, Spoonwood Brewing Company, and Four Points Brewing, all local breweries delivering fresh, quality product to beer enthusiasts all over Pittsburgh. My mission is to enhance the visibility of these brands throughout our region and beyond by actively increasing their distribution exposure and releasing more of their innovative beers into the wild. At the same time, I strive to deliver the freshest product to craft beer destinations within our local distribution footprint, providing a taproom-esque beer experience for consumers who may not be able to make their way to the brewery.

I also carry out the same brand management initiatives for KingView Mead, an award-winning meadery based in Pittsburgh. They produce mead, wine, and cider and have been bringing tremendous products to the market since getting their start just a few years ago.

Each business has their own unique story, but all share one common thread: delivering high-quality, great-tasting liquid at each and every juncture.

My Sales Process

Getting your hands on the freshest local beer in town is quite simple. I can facilitate your orders with all five of these brands and deliver product to you in a timely fashion. I also specialize in helping you pre-order, which allows you to A) plan your inventory accordingly and B) get your hands on product as fresh as it comes. In just about every case, pre-ordering means it will be packaged and in your hands within a matter of days…giving you an extremely fresh product that customers will love! Typical turnaround time on pre-ordersis 1-3 weeks and my weekly pre-order correspondence will give you an idea what’s in the tank for each brewery.

Spoonwood Brewing is partnered with Brentwood Distributing. If you are already accustomed to ordering beer through Brentwood, you can let me know which Spoonwood beers you’d like to order and I’ll be sure it gets earmarked for you when you place your next Brentwood order. If you’re not accustomed to ordering through Brentwood, simply place your order directly with me and I will facilitate everything from order placement to delivery for you.

Levity, Noble Stein, Four Points, and KingView all self-distribute. Deliveries typically happen once a week. When you place an order with me, I will coordinate everything from order placement to arranging delivery.

Pre-order and available product emails go out at the beginning of each week. You may place your orders via phone call, text, or email. Click here to get in touch with me!

And, last but certainly not least, I have developed a mobile application that lists available inventory at all times. Simply search “Breaking Brews Sales Manifest” in the App Store or Google Play Store to grab this app for free.

Click on the images below for each brand to be connected to their websites to learn more about their history, processes, and portfolios.



Brand Management Testimonials

“Jason is easy to work with, discussing different strategies for building/pushing our brand to the public in the Greater Pittsburgh area. He has also been instrumental in selling our products in key accounts and helping create the unique way Levity is perceived in the public eye. I’m always impressed by his professionalism, how he handles himself, and how he approaches his relationships.” — Erich Walls, Co-Founder of Levity Brewing Company


“Jason Cercone is dedicated and enterprising, reliable, loyal, a real hard worker. But first and foremost, he is a beer lover and a flamekeeper for the local craft beer scene. I’m fond of saying that about him, and it’s the main reason I asked him to represent Spoonwood. As our Brand Manager, Jason immediately added new draft accounts, maintains weekly communication with those accounts, and has consistently moved every last keg that he was asked to sell. And when the festival invitations roll in, he rarely says “no.” He has personally represented Spoonwood at countless events over the past four+ years and has become the chief ambassador of our brand.” — Steve Ilnicki, Co-Owner & Head Brewer of Spoonwood Brewing Company

“Jason has proven time and time again to be an exceptionally knowledgeable, well-connected voice for us at Noble Stein Brewing Company. Our sales footprint has expanded markedly with his help and he has facilitated many specific outreach opportunities to promote our brand. Jason possesses a knack for relating to anyone. I truly enjoy working with him – he is both fantastic at his job and easy to communicate with.” — Zack Morrow, Founder and Head Brewer of Noble Stein Brewing Company


“With our brewery being located about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, it’s important to us to get our beers distributed to key accounts so people get excited and make the drive to check us out. Partnering with Jason has helped us build a strong distribution footprint and expose our product all over the Pittsburgh region. He has been easy to work with and possesses a strong passion and work ethic for developing brands. I highly recommend Jason to any company that’s looking for a partner to help their business expand.” — Dave Barbe, Founder of Four Points Brewing Company






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