Blood, Sweat, and Beer: YOUR Chance To Support the Craft Beer Revolution!

The growth of craft beer in America has featured some arduous stories of struggle, hardship, and unpredictability.  But through all the trials and tribulations the major players in these stories face as they work day and night to fulfill their dream of bringing their beer directly to you, so many find a tremendous amount of success and accomplishment. It’s not an easy journey, but the destination makes every extra mile count.

In Pittsburgh, we are fortunate to be part of a region-wide spike in craft beer popularity and availability. Thousands and thousands have turned their backs on the yellow, fizzy, mass-marketed beers and invested themselves in the more unique craft options that find themselves at our disposal from breweries across the country…as well as in our own backyard.

The rise of local craft beer in the Steel City is directly attributed to the uprising of young, hungry, passionate, talented brewers on a mission to deliver the best beer you’ll ever consume. Their stories are not unlike so many others who’ve come before them. Entering into a market where competition is stiff, opinions plentiful, and loyalties limited, these brewers know they have a small window of opportunity to make you a believer.

And they’re not letting that opportunity slip away.

The Brew GentlemenThis past summer, The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company opened its doors in Braddock, PA. The story of their birth and evolution is living, breathing proof that a strong enough belief in any one idea can lead to tremendous gains at the end of the day. Matt Katase and Asa Foster started The Brew Gentlemen as an entrepreneurial project in their senior year at Carnegie-Mellon University. Through an undying work ethic and unwillingness to compromise, Matt, Asa, and Head Brewer Brandon Capps took their creation from project to reality, utilizing Kickstarter and a tremendous outpouring of local support to open their doors on May 21, 2014.

Brew Gentlemen’s beers are some of the most unique, forward-thinking, challenging creations you’ll ever experience. It’s innovation like their offerings that drive the growth and demand for craft beer, and these three are showing no evidence of pumping the brakes on their creativity anytime soon.

This trio’s efforts did not go unnoticed, and that new little brewery in nearly-forgotten Braddock, PA has now been thrust into an opportunity to gain national exposure thanks to the documentary Blood, Sweat, and Beer.  This feature documentary, created by Chip Hiden & Alexis Irvin, is based around the growth of the craft beer industry and the journey of The Brew Gentlemen, as well as Danny Robinson, a boardwalk brewery owner whose empire is threatened by an aggressive trademark lawsuit. Blood, Sweat, and Beer captures the mission of these four entrepreneurs as they dedicate themselves to bringing their creations to the craft-craving masses!

In order to finalize their years of work on this project, Chip and Alexis have launched a crowd-funding campaign via Kickstarter and released a trailer of Blood, Sweat, and Beer (seen above). They have filmed for 15 months in 14 states across the U.S. and have interviewed over 100 breweries and beer experts, including Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Brewer’s Association Founder Charlie Papazian, Sierra Nevada Brewing Founder Ken Grossman, and many more.

Hiden and Irvin, both 27-year-old Maryland natives, have a rough cut of Blood, Sweat, and Beer and need to raise $12,000 by November 2nd, 2014 to fund the finishing costs of the film. This is YOUR opportunity to support a documentary that captures the essence of what we all love as craft beer enthusiasts: starting from scratch, stopping at nothing, and doing whatever it takes to make your vision become reality.

You can learn more about Blood, Sweat, and Beer and donate to the project’s funding by visiting their Kickstarter page here. Also, follow them on Twitter @bloodsweatbrew.

If you have any questions for Chip regarding this project, you may contact him at or 301-906-3423.

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