Black Friday Anniversary Releases at Maggie’s Farm Rum

If you’re going to get your hands on something cool this Black Friday, my recommendation is you skip the lines at Walmart and head down to Maggie’s Farm Rum in the Strip. Not only are they celebrating their 4th anniversary of bottle sales, they’ll also be releasing a small amount of two limited, award-winning rums for you to snag. Below is the full press release from Maggie’s Farm. Take a look and get ready for Friday!


This Friday morning, beginning at 11am, as part of our annual “Black Friday” anniversary release party, we will be making available a small allocation of both of Single Barrel aged rum, as well as our Rye Oak-aged Queen’s Share rum. This will be the fourth anniversary of bottle sales at Maggie’s Farm since starting distilling operations in 2013.

A former gold medalist and winner of the American Craft Spirit Association’s Best-in-Show spirit at the 2016 blind judging competition of over 800 American craft spirits, Maggie’s Farm Single Barrel is our standard aged rum. This rum, made from the distillation of raw sugar rather than molasses, is aged in used rum casks now for over two-and-a-half years. The use of a used rum cask lacking most of the oaky tannins available to freshly charred barrels allows more of the natural rum flavors formed from chemical reactions over time to stand out while the oak compliments. This bottling is at 86 proof and, like nearly all of our rums, remains unsweetened. 

Also a gold medalist at the 2016 ACSA Judging, we’ll be releasing our latest Queen’s Share Reserve finish, this one aged in Wigle rye whiskey casks for a period just shy of two years. This rum is distilled exclusively from the tail-runnings (the end of the distillation where the oils and flavor and aroma compounds exist in higher concentrations) of our normal cane rum distillations. It takes approximately ten of our normal batches of rum to create enough tails for one batch of this reserve spirit. The redistillation of these tails for a rum creates an even smoother spirit, but also one with more body, flavor, and aroma. Our rye finish has the subtle taste and spiciness of a rye whiskey but without the oiliness or bite they are sometimes associated with. Queen’s Share rums are bottled at cask strength and in 375ml imported Italian decanters.

The Single Barrel and Queen’s Share rums will both be available for $45 and $35 respectively, and they will go on sale at the distillery and online at for shipping to PA residents beginning at 11am on Friday.













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