Beyond Brewtal: Will Greywalker, Penn, and Maggie’s Take Home Another Collaboration Contest Win?!

Beyond Brewtal is an up close and personal look at Pittsburgh’s premier craft beer and heavy metal festival. This year’s event is presented by Zippo, features Baroness, and takes place Saturday, September 9th at Mr. Smalls Theater. This weekly series on Breaking Brews leading up to Brewtal will get you more familiar with what’s happening with the event and get you primed to attend. This is your backstage pass, if you will.

Who Will Hoist This Year’s Championship Belt?

Last Week on Beyond Brewtal, we gave you an inside look at the collaboration beers the breweries and bands of Brewtal Beer Fest 2017 are putting together. In case you missed it, click here. These 11 collaborations, along with a vast selection of beers from numerous local, regional, and national breweries, will be tapped and poured throughout the day at Brewtal Beer Fest and at Brewtal Beer Fest only. So…if you want these bad boys as part of your Untappd collection, you best snatch up your tickets for the premier metal and beer festival in Pittsburgh lest ye be left out in the cold.

The collaboration aspect of Brewtal is one of the coolest features of the event. But, did you know you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite beer? AND, whichever band/brewery tag team receives the most votes will receive an absolutely kick-ass Brewtal World Championship belt (seen right)?!

Now you know. And knowledge is power.

Last year, Greywalker teamed up with Penn Brewery and Maggie’s Farm Rum to create ‘Beyond All Porter,’ a delicious, dark…wait for it…porter that captured the hearts and palates of metalheads throughout the festival. When the dust settled, Beyond All Porter beat out the rest of the collaborations and Penn, Maggie’s, and Greywalker took home the championship.

In true warrior form, Greywalker, Penn Brewery, and Maggie’s Farm have once again formed the ultimate triple threat and will look to defend their title at this year’s festival with Whiplash Wit, a Belgian Wit beer brewed with Falernum, a sweet syrup used in Caribbean and tropical drinks that contains flavors of almond, ginger, cloves, lime, and sometimes vanilla and allspice.

Can they repeat? Greywalker’s Brian Howe weighs in:

“This year, we’re back with our friends at Penn Brewery and Maggie’s Farm Rum and we’re ready to defend our championship title against anyone who dares enter the ring! We’ve spent the past year doing countless hours of super advanced, scientific heavy metal research and fine-tuning our techniques to create the most headbang efficient fuel your body will ever consume. Get ready for the WHIPLASH, baby! We’ll see you in the pit!”

Unique beers, tons of metal music, collaborations for days, and an opportunity to make your voice heard and determine who’s going home with the Brewtal hardware. Just a few more reasons why you absolutely need to get your ass to Brewtal Beer Fest on Saturday, September 9th at Mr. Smalls Theater!

Greywalker and Penn Brewery pose after capturing the 2016 Brewtal Collaboration Contest Championship











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