BEYOND BREWTAL: Get to Know the Bands of Brewtal Beer Fest

Beyond Brewtal is an up close and personal look at Pittsburgh’s premier craft beer and heavy metal festival. This year’s event is presented by Zippo, features Baroness, and takes place Saturday, September 9th at Mr. Smalls Theater. This weekly series on Breaking Brews leading up to Brewtal will get you more familiar with what’s happening with the event and get you primed to attend. This is your backstage pass, if you will.

10 Bands Ready to Melt Your Face Off at Brewtal Beer Fest 2

Brewtal Beer Fest 2 is less than a month away, boys and girls! If that doesn’t get you pumped, check your pulse. Saturday, September 9th at Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale promises to be a day jam-packed with high-quality beers and kick-ass bands from start to finish. This year’s bill features 10 bands from the local and national metal scene performing throughout the day, all guaranteed to leave it all on the stage in a true showcase of the passion that fuels this popular music genre.

Get to know all 10 bands below. And, as an added bonus, these ensembles have joined forces with participating breweries to create a series of one-off beers that will be available only at Brewtal.

Here we go:

Baroness – This year’s headliner is Baroness, a heavy metal band hailing from Savannah, Georgia. They have four albums to their credit: Red Album, released in 2007; Blue Record, released in 2009; Yellow & Green, released in 2012; and Purple, released in 2015. The current band consists of John Baizley (guitar, lead vocals, keyboards, percussion), Nick Jost (bass guitar, keyboards), Sebastian Thomson (drums, percussion), and Gina Gleason (guitar). Baroness is collaborating with DC Brau to bring you a special one-off beer for the day’s festivities.

Fit For An Autopsy – Fit For An Autopsy is a deathcore band formed in 2008 in Jersey City, New Jersey. They have released four studio albums since their inception: The Process of Human Extermination in 2011; Hellbound in 2013: Absolute Hope Absolute Hell in 2015; and, most recently, The Great Collapse in March of 2017. The current band is made up of Will Putney (guitarist), Pat Sheridan (guitarist), Tim Howley (guitarist), Josean Orta (drummer), Peter “Blue” Spinoza (bassist), and Joe Badolato (vocalist). This crew is teaming up with Helltown Brewing for their collaboration beer.

Black Crown Initiate Black Crown Initiate hails from Reading, Pennsylvania and is known for incorporating various elements of heavy metal and extreme music into their sound, including progressive metal, ambience, doom metal, and post-rock. They’ve been compared to bands like Opeth, Mastadon, and Cynic in the past. They have three albums on the market today: Song of the Crippled Bull, released in 2013; The Wreckage of Stars, released in 2014; and Selves We Cannot Forgive in 2015. The band consists of Andy Thomas (guitars/vocals), Nick Shaw (bass guitar), James Dorton (vocals), Jesse Beahler (drums), and Wes Hauch (guitars).

See You Next Tuesday – See You Next Tuesday is a deathcore band from Bay City, Michigan. They released two full-length studio albums (Parasite in 2007 and Intervals in 2008) before breaking up in 2009. In September of 2015, they came together for a one-off appearance at a show called Don’t Call It A Fest II that sparked a reunion and reformation of the band. The lineup features Drew Slavik on guitar, Andy Dalton on drums, Chris Fox on vocals, and Rick Woods on bass guitar. Their collaboration beer is being brewed in partnership with the crew at Rock Bottom in The Waterfront.

Greywalker – Greywalker is an American melodic death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA and are the reigning champions in last year’s collaboration beer vote alongside partners in crime Penn Brewery. They recorded an album dubbed Beyond All Mortal with Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings and self-released it in 2015. They are currently playing shows in support of the album and working on new material for 2017. The band is comprised of Evan Thorsen, Brian Howe, Ricky Zimmerman, Joey Solak, and Colt Dalmaso. In an effort to retain their collaboration crown from a year ago, Greywalker has once again teamed up with the boys from Penn Brewery.

Solarburn – Solarburn is a metal band hailing from Pittsburgh that consists of the trio of Mike Stains, Tony Thomas, and Russ Tompkins. You can get a sample of their songs on their Facebook page and, even better, get to know them live as they take the stage at Brewtal on September 9th. They’ll be making not one, but two collaboration beers for the event: one with Full Pint Brewing and the second with Helicon Brewing.

DETHLEHEM – After blowing the roof off of Spirit at Brewtal 2016, DETHLEHEM is back for another go-round at Brewtal 2! According to the band: The legend of DETHLEHEM began in the realm of GHORUSALEM many eons ago. During their journey, the warriors of DETHLEHEM have traveled through time and space to do battle against dragons, wizards, warlocks, leviathans, shape-shifters, and a shit ton of other things that needed to DIE. The band consists of Warrior Brutalitus, Paladin Bovice, Overlord Brom, and Ranger Grimshaw Longfellow. They’ll be teaming up with Rivertowne Brewing for their Brewtal collaboration beer.

Post Mortal Possession – Post Mortal Possession is a death metal band also hailing from Pittsburgh who will be taking the stage at Brewtal for the first time. The band has been thrashing hard and creating brutal metal since 2013 and consists of Jake “Munson” Nelson on vocals, Brian Cremeens and Jake Sewage on guitars, Nick Bentzel on drums, and Tim Church on bass. They’ll be joining forces with Lavery Brewing to bring you a killer collaboration beer.

Victims of Contagion – Victims of Contagion is another band making the metal scene in Pittsburgh kick serious ass. Founded in 2005, the group set out to be something unique within the local scene while playing the style of music they love.In 2014 Victims of Contagion released its debut EP Parasitic Unborn to the public with much praise from fans and critics alike. The band consists of Chris Edison (vocals), Justin Gizzi (bass), Chuck Forsythe and Joe Haden (guitars), and Mike Rush (drums and vocals). They’ve come together with Spoonwood Brewing for their collaboration project.

Video Tapes – Video Tapes is, as they describe, a “Grind, Death Metal, Thrash Metal with a little Doom and, of course, GarbageCore band also hailing from the great metal city of Pittsburgh, PA. The band came together featuring ex-members of Blackmarket Bodyparts, Commit Suicide, and Liquified Guts and features five members: Austin on drums, Damian on guitar, Matt on bass, Neal on guitar, and Rick on vocals. Their collaboration beer will be brewed with the team from Church Brew Works.

Come check out all these bands, their collaboration beers, and much more at Brewtal Beer Fest 2!










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