BEYOND BREWTAL: 5 Reasons You Should Attend Brewtal Even If You Don’t Like Metal Music

Beyond Brewtal is an up close and personal look at Pittsburgh’s premier craft beer and heavy metal festival. This year’s event is presented by Zippo, features Baroness, and takes place Saturday, September 9th at Mr. Smalls Theater. This weekly series on Breaking Brews leading up to Brewtal will get you more familiar with what’s happening with the event and get you primed to attend. This is your backstage pass, if you will.

Let’s Get Brewtal

Brewtal Beer Fest 2017 is right around the corner and this year’s happening is raising the bar to dizzying heights after a successful premiere in 2016. 10 bands, two stages, and over 30 breweries will be in the house pouring beers against a backdrop of pure metal mayhem. It’s the quintessential gathering of beer geeks and metal heads, all coming together as one to enjoy two of their favorite pastimes.

But what if you’re not into heavy metal music? Like some of the bold, unique beers that have entered the beverage world, metal is an acquired taste. You may be in the school of thought that this festival isn’t for you because you don’t like metal music. And if that’s the case, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Brewtal Beer Fest offers something for everybody. Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Attend Brewtal Even If You’re Not Into Heavy Metal Music:

  1. Subjectivity – Craft beer and music are forms of art. And just like any fine piece of art, they’re subjective. Chances are, if you’ve never paid a lot of attention to metal music, you may have dismissed it without truly finding a band or song that hit you in the sweet spot. Seeing a show live creates the perfect opportunity to do just that. And with 10 bands taking the stage over the course of the day, chances are excellent you’ll hear something you like.
  2. The Beer – 30 different breweries will be on hand pouring beers all day long. That alone is a good reason to get off the couch and buy a ticket to Brewtal. Breweries from Pittsburgh and beyond have been fired up to take place in this year’s event, so that means they’ll be bringing some of their very best for you to enjoy.
  3. The Collaborations – Staying on the beer track, some of the bands have teamed up with breweries to create beers specifically for Brewtal! What’s that mean? Simple…if you’re not at Brewtal, you miss out on these beers. If you’re one to chase rare beers, Brewtal will provide you with an opportunity to try One Night Only offerings and add them to your Untappd collection.
  4. Embracing the Camaraderie – The metal and beer industry parallel one another in numerous ways. One of those ways is the passion and camaraderie each displays for their craft. Metal bands pour tons of creativity into their music and craft brewers do the same with their beers. Seeing these two worlds collide is a beautiful thing…one that’s absolutely worth the price of admission.
  5. An Event That’s One of a Kind – Before craft beer really picked up steam and became the phenomenon it is today, big events and festivals were few and far between. Today, there is something happening all the time. And with that volume of festivals and events, a key to standing out among the pack is the element of uniqueness. That’s Brewtal to a T. Where else in town will you find this atmosphere, this number of one-off beers, and this many bands under one roof…all at the same time? The answer is nowhere, my friends. Plus, sponsor Zippo is making special Brewtal lighters for the event. Be the first to get your hands on those!

Each week as we lead up to Brewtal, we’ll be taking in-depth looks at the festival, the bands, the beers, and the many reasons why Brewtal is guaranteed to deliver you the most bang for your entertainment buck on September 9th. Tune in next week as we take you ‘backstage’ for a look at the bands you’ll see at Brewtal 2017, as well as the breweries they hooked up with to create a One Night Only beer for the festival.

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