BEER & SEAR: A Taste of Pittsburgh, A Taste of America w/ Bill’s and Mayor Peduto

Beer & Sear is a special feature brought to you monthly by Bill’s Bar & Burger in Downtown Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network. Each month, we take a burger appearing on Bill’s menu and pair it with a local Pittsburgh beer to discover how well they work together. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you damn well should): Get to Bill’s pronto and test out the pairing for yourself!

November 2016

This month, America enters the next chapter in its long and rich history as a new leader is chosen to take his or her seat in the White House in January 2017. Undoubtedly, these campaigns have received the most media coverage of any in the history of our country. We’ve seen the ups, the downs, and everything in between. The candidates can’t even brush their teeth without their detractors damning them for which toothpaste they use.

It’s a brave new world. Thanks to the power of social media and on-demand news and information, the actions of those in the spotlight are presented on high volume every single day. It can’t be an easy task to run an effective campaign in the light of so much coverage but, as this feature hits the wires, one candidate will rise above the other and move one step closer to becoming Commander-in-Chief of this great nation.

bills-pittsburghWith the fate of America hanging in the balance, Bill’s Bar & Burger in The Westin Convention Center Hotel did their part to encourage voters to perform their civic duty and teamed up with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto in the process. Last week, Mayor Peduto joined Bill’s Chef Michael Vignola to create The All-American Burger in an effor to help drive voters to the polls to make their decision on our next leader.

As you get out to cast your vote today, be sure to bring your “I Voted” sticker or voter receipt to Bill’s and they’ll hook you up with a complimentary shake. I highly recommend starting off with the All-American Burger first, but this is America: you’ve earned the right to vote, the right to free speech, and the right to start off your visit to Bill’s with a delicious shake!

The All-American Burger will be featured on Bill’s menu throughout November and will be paired with a beer that’s stood the test of time, with historical ties dating back to the 1800s: Duquesne Pilsener.

This combination is a true taste of Pittsburgh and exemplifies what happens when classic ingredients come together. With Mayor Peduto’s burger earning Burger of the Month status at Bill’s for November, it’s only fitting it also finds itself thrust to the podium as our featured burger and beer pairing in this month’s Beer & Sear.

Mayor Peduto

November’s Pairing Feature

The Burger: The All-American Burger created by Mayor Bill Peduto
The Beer: Duquesne Pilsener

About Bill’s

Bill’s Bar & Burger in Pittsburgh is one of five locations in the Bill’s family and has been part of our community for just over a year. They also have destinations in Downtown New York, New York’s Meatpacking District, Rockefeller Center, and Atlantic City, as well as a high-end steakhouse in Las Vegas. The theme behind Bill’s is to present approachable, yet elevated food items with burgers leading the charge combined with a laid-back, “every-man’s” approach to adult libations. With over 1.9 million burgers sold, Bill’s is dedicated to consistently creating memorable experiences for their guests while offering the best our local beer scene has to offer. They source locally as much as possible and feature an extensive lineup of local beers and spirits for your enjoyment.

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About Duquesne Beer

The Duquesne brand is one chock full of history and lineage. The following is an excerpt from Duquesne’s website: “In 2008, Pittsburgh Area attorney Mark J. Dudash and his wife, Maria, incorporated Duquesne Brewing Company. In 2010, the resurrection of Duquesne Pilsener was announced, and was to be brewed by City Brewing Company at the Latrobe Brewing Plant, the old home of Rolling Rock. Duquesne Pilsener, officially released in August 2010, is brewed in the spirit of the Pittsburgh classic but with improved ingredients. Duquesne Beer was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2011 World Beer Championships, securing its place as the top pilsener in the international competition. By the end of 2011, Duquesne Pilsener was widely available in bottles, cans, and on draft. Duquesne Brewing Company continues to grow throughout the region, and the golden yellow beer has secured its throne as the true Prince of Pilsener!” Click here to discover the entire story.

The All-American Burger and Duquesne PilsenerAbout The Burger

The All-American Burger consists of Bill’s Secret Beef Blend, Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Ketchup, and Mustard on a Martin’s Sesame Seed Bun.

About The Beer

Duquesne Pilsener has a crisp and smooth finish with a hint of sweetness from the use of two row malt. The beer is golden and refreshing with a sweet floral aroma from the use of noble hops. It’s one of those beers that’s perfect for all occasions, from a liquid reward after mowing the yard on a hot summer day to a palate-cleansing burger companion like The Prince of Pilsener served as today.

Why You Need This Combo In Your Life Today

I can sum up this pairing in one word: Classic. But, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, let’s dig a little deeper.

From my first bite into Mayor Peduto’s culinary creation, the flavor rush of burger ingredients I grew up on instantly took control. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. Pickles. Ketchup and Mustard. And, beef, naturally. This is what I knew a burger to be in my formative years. Add in bacon and, well…what does bacon NOT work with? As comedian Jim Gaffigan once put it, “If it weren’t for bacon, we wouldn’t even know what a water chestnut is.” And the Pepper Jack Cheese was a fitting choice to bring the melty goodness into focus without overpowering the other flavors in play.

The Martin’s bun is simply incredible. Soft and fluffy, yet durable enough to hold up to all the action unfolding at its center. Not one piece of this mouth-watering burger fell from my grasp. Plus, its top shell has sesame seeds for miles. To all the other buns out there: This is America, damn it…don’t skimp on the sesame seeds!

Overall, The All-American Burger is like a good book…pretty much impossible to put down. But hey, what’s this golden liquid treat to my right? What burger and beer pairing would be complete without the beer?!

There’s a reason Duquesne Pilsener has been crowned with princely pageantry. It’s true to its style, it’s refreshing, it’s as classic as the burger its been tasked with washing down today. The Pilsner style is one I moved away from for many years but have slowly began to gravitate back to as I’ve discovered many options that fit the “tasty beverage” requirements. Duquesne’s offering first satisfied beer drinkers in 1899 and was resurrected in 2010. It has won multiple awards since rejoining the fray and continues to earn its way into more establishments across the Pittsburgh region.

Duquesne Pilsener earned its burger companion stripes in this enthusiast’s opinion as each crisp sip cleared a path for more burger enjoyment. This is a beer drinker’s beer, delivering just the right amount of sweetness combined with a smooth finish and that classic “beer” flavor. To go back to the brevity angle, it worked perfectly.

If you’re reading this on Election Day, be sure to get out there and make a difference. Then come to Bill’s, where getting out there to make a difference will be praised with burgers and shakes! And remember, you can enjoy the All-American Burger all month long at Bill’s Bar & Burger!












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