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The number 66 means a lot in the city of Pittsburgh. Most famously, it graced the jersey of the greatest Pittsburgh Penguin to ever take the ice: Mario Lemieux. Mario is the man responsible for turning an entire hockey franchise around. Twice. First, as a player, he turned a franchise wallowing in mediocrity into a back-to-back Stanley Cup champion. Then, when the organization was at an all-time low and a move to a new city seemed inevitable, Lemieux and his partners stepped in at the 11th hour, bought the franchise, fought for a new arena to showcase their products, and put together a franchise that brought the Stanley Cup back to Pittsburgh in 2009 and has been a playoff team every year since.

When you hear or see the number 66 in the Steel City, by osmosis, your mind goes directly to Mario. But today, there’s a brand new reason for 66 to resonate. One that’s going to make craft beer enthusiasts cheer as if they’ve got seats on the ice for a Mario Lemieux comeback game.

Pig Iron MainAfter months of planning, preparation, and renovation, Pig Iron Public House is set to open its doors before the end of summer in Cranberry Township. This brand new craft beer destination, located in the former Lone Star Steakhouse on Route 19, is prepared to enter the game guns blazing with 66 taps pouring a vast variety of hoppy and malty deliciousness. Their prime location offers easy access for travelers on 19, I-79, and Rte. 228. In addition to beers galore, Pig Iron also features an outdoor patio, large U-shaped bar, and a spacious dining area. The coolers in which all the beers will be stored rests in the middle of the restaurant and gives you a first-hand look at how kegs are organized.

Shawn, Matt, and Tony Lang are three brothers with experience spotlighting craft beer. They opened their first establishment, Steel City Samiches, in Indiana County in June of 2008. Just as the name suggests, Pittsburgh-style sandwiches ruled the realm. After three years in business, they added take-out beer and introduced craft beer to the college town. Today, their space has expanded to include Twisted Jimmy’s, a college bar opened in 2012, that offers craft beer as well.

The trio of brothers are looking to make a similar impact on Pittsburgh’s craft beer landscape.

“We are trying to go after craft beer drinkers in a big way,” Shawn Lang explained. “We are trying to differentiate ourselves with a huge selection of craft beer options for our customers. We did a good job of this at our Indiana location and have one of the best craft beer selections in town.”

One major business philosophy you’ll see in full effect at Pig Iron is a dedication to local beer. These days, more and more locations are adopting the practice of backing their fellow local businesses, beer being one of the major catalysts in this movement. Of the 66 taps you’ll see dispensing renowned liquid behind Pig Iron’s bar, the plan is to have approximately 44 of those taps linked directly to offerings brewed in the Pittsburgh region. Essentially, this will give you an opportunity to experience beers from just about every regional brewery currently distributing outside their taprooms in a centralized location and help you learn about those breweries so you can pay them a visit.

Pig Iron also plans to pay homage to our local breweries by dedicating up to 10 taps a month to one specific brewery, thus opening up the floodgates for local tap takeovers all the time! In addition, Pig Iron plans to feature local craft cocktails containing whiskey, rum, and more from the award-winning distilleries in Pittsburgh, and their gastropub menu will be sourced with as much local product as possible. You can catch a sneak preview of the Pig Iron menu on their website. *NOTE: Menu subject to change before grand opening.

66 taps means a variety of beers you’ll want to dive into…and a lot to keep track of, too. Fortunately, Pig Iron will be the first bar in Pittsburgh to go live on TapHunter, an app that helps you access up-to-date tap lists and search to see if your favorite beers are being poured. TapHunter will give the Lang Brothers an easy way to keep you updated on all the beers they tap, and their current list will also tie to PCBN Connect as well. So there’s no excuse for missing your favorite beer!

“We want to do things differently, but still serve the same purpose,” Shawn said. “We are putting a ton of focus on beer. We want to be known as a craft beer bar that serves good food instead of a restaurant that also has a bar.”

Throughout the month of September, we will be previewing different happenings going down at Pig Iron, all leading up to their grand opening towards the end of the month. Keep your PCBN Connect app handy as we post photos, videos, and other commentary to get your primed for Pig Iron’s big arrival!

If you’re looking for a new job, head over to the Pig Iron website and submit an application. Also, you should Like Pig Iron’s Facebook Page and Follow Pig Iron on Twitter, too!

Get ready for a brand new reason to love #66, Pittsburgh!

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