Are You Ready For The Breaking Brews Experience?

It’s time to get ready for The Breaking Brews Experience!

Several months back, I decided to put The Breaking Brews Podcast on hiatus and, instead, wanted to transition into a video series. I thought about how this could be executed in a variety of ways and, after lots of mulling, felt live video was the best way to make this happen. Why? Because live video lets you join in the fun!

That said, I am happy to announce the World Premiere of The Breaking Brews Experience is set to come your way Tuesday, June 26th at 8:00pm on the Breaking Brews Facebook Page. The show will be broadcast via Facebook Live and air on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, shorter, random episodes of The Experience will hit Facebook Live, as well as other Breaking Brews social outlets, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, at various times. In other words, The Experience is going to be in your face a lot. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Here’s what you can expect on The Breaking Brews Experience:

  • Discussion and commentary about beer, wine, cider, spirits, mead, and just about every other adult beverage you can think of. We’ll be discussing the liquid, the industry, the people who make it come to life, and much more
  • Adult beverage consumption
  • Commentary about current events in the world today
  • Guests joining the show to share insight, knowledge, and rap about all forms of topics
  • Adult beverage appreciation
  • Fun for the whole family and the dogs, too

The best thing about The Experience is you’ll be able to join in the conversation by asking questions and contributing opinions and insight in the comments as the show airs. This will enable us to chat with each other, debate, learn, and interact on multiple levels. Instead of me just producing a video for you to watch, you’ll be able to play a hand in the production of the show!

Whatever you were watching on Tuesday nights before…DVR that shit. It’s time to get Experienced!

Like the Breaking Brews Facebook Page today and be ready for The Experience to premiere on Tuesday, June 26th at 8:00pm!












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