About the Breaking Brews Podcast

As a whole, Breaking Brews launched in February 2014 as a website and online community dedicated to craft beer advocacy and education, helping beer drinkers transition from the domestic staples of their younger years to the wide variety of craft options at their disposal.

Today, the brand’s primary focus is the Breaking Brews Podcast. The show officially went live on Monday, March 4th, 2019 and is rolled out in seasonal format.

The Breaking Brews Podcast is focused on the business side of beer and emphasizes what’s driving today’s thriving craft beer industry. Whether you work in the beer industry, aspire to, or just love beer and want to know more about it, this podcast is for you – covering everything from sales, marketing, branding, production, culture, and much, much more.

The Breaking Brews Podcast delivers real-life scenarios and experiences from industry professionals that will help your beer knowledge evolve.

You can listen to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and access all the show notes and more at breakingbrews.com/podcast.

The Guy Behind the Mic

My name is Jason Cercone – creator, brand experience specialist, brand management professional, and podcaster.

I am equally as passionate about beer as I am the experiences, memories, and togetherness this liquid breeds and am proud to be part of an industry filled with men and women who strive daily to drive innovation. This makes me honored to partner with passionate, hard-working entrepreneurs and play a role in helping their brands prosper.

I’ve been working with various brands of all shapes and sizes in the beer industry for over six years and have applied 20+ years of professional experience to help businesses enhance their exposure, increase their distribution footprint, and build more solid experiences inside their four walls. My work delivers quality, sought-after services and guidance that assists in building brands more dynamically.

My mission is clear: to help brands grow efficiently and effectively. I strive to enhance all businesses I partner with through dynamic, innovative strategies and incomparable work ethic. My focus is aimed at all facets of building a better brand experience – all combined help communicate a brand’s story, mission, and increase their overall visibility.

I love podcasting and strive to deliver a high level of quality and excellence to you with each episode I produce. The Breaking Brews Podcast is designed to give industry professionals a resource to learn more about happenings inside their craft while also helping beer enthusiasts gain a better understanding of what takes place behind the scenes as men and women work tirelessly to deliver the best beer around.

Helping the podcast find the ears of more people just like you is one of my top priorities. You can help me in this mission. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review on your podcast platform of choice. The more ratings, reviews, and subscriptions the show receives, the higher ranking it gets in podcast algorithms, thus helping more folks discover it. Thank you and cheers!



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