I was enjoying a Big Hop IPA, the flagship offering of Pittsburgh’s East End Brewing (and one of my personal favorite go-to beers) before a Pirates game at The Beer Market (now known as Mike’s Beer Bar) next to PNC Park back in late summer of 2013. When out of the blue, a misguided soul who was unfamiliar with the bar’s unspoken theme of “good beer only” dropped the aforementioned comment when he couldn’t get himself a Bud Light.

I told him to look around and see how many others were there, hoping it would answer his question. It didn’t. He stomped off in a huff with a Yeungling. As we parted ways, his words stayed in my head and made me realize something: Some people just don’t know. Some people just don’t know there’s a tremendous variety of beer out there that offers more flavor, more quality, more taste, and challenges the palate with every sip. The reason? These beers aren’t heavily marketed like those of the ‘big beer’ machine. They’re made in smaller batches by hardworking entrepreneurs who don’t brew beer to walk a corporate tight rope. They do it because they have a passion, they have creativity, and it’s a pretty friggin’ cool way to make a living.

This mentality also exists with other adult beverages as well. There are many small distillers and wine and mead makers who don’t get noticed because they don’t have bottomless advertising budgets. They let their product do the talking. And, as time has wore on, people have listened. Big time.

That guy’s comment got me thinking: there is space for a website and online community that focuses on education, information, marketing, and entertainment surrounding the constantly evolving landscape of craft beer. And damn it, I was the one to bring it to life.

Enter: Breaking Brews.

What is Breaking Brews?

Breaking Brews launched in February 2014 and as a website and online community dedicated to craft beer advocacy and education, helping beer drinkers transition from the domestic staples of their younger years to the wide variety of craft options at their disposal today. As the landscape has changed, so has the scope of Breaking Brews. Not only does this website serve as a platform for beer enthusiasts to learn and grow, it serves as a content network and digital resource for industry professionals to learn from others how to better market their products, enhance their brand visibility, generate a better customer experience, and, ultimately, continue to drive innovation and keep this industry thriving.

My mission is clear: to push libations culture forward through education, conversation, commentary, and entertainment. I strive to enhance all brands I partner with under the Breaking Brews umbrella through dynamic, innovative strategies and incomparable work ethic while, at the same time, delivering the best, most useful content possible for the thirsty beer community. Since Breaking Brews’ inception, I’ve focused in on aspects of beer marketing, social media, brand management, and customer experience – all facets that help tell a brand’s story and increase brand exposure throughout the beer market.

Through Breaking Brews, I also specialize in local sales and brand management for breweries looking to do small-scale beer distribution. This has aided in the growth of each brewery’s distribution footprint throughout the Pittsburgh market and provides additional outlets to help consumers enjoy fresh, quality local products. Presently, I am proud to partner with Four Points Brewing, Levity Brewing, Noble Stein Brewing, Spoonwood Brewing, and KingView Mead in these efforts throughout the Pittsburgh region.

I am committed to driving brands, as well as the beer industry, forward. I offer a direct set of initiatives designed to boost your presence and overall directives, allowing you and your business to flourish through consistent effort and constant adaptation to market demands. These initiatives are personalized to your specifications, delivering desired results based on your expectations and carried out by a true business partner dedicated to your success.

Who’s Tapping All This?!

My name is Jason Cercone and I am a marketer, customer experience specialist, and brand manager in this wild, innovative industry. Additionally, I facilitate sales and brand management for four local breweries and a winery/meadery in the Pittsburgh region. I am equally as passionate about craft beer as I am the experiences, memories, and togetherness this liquid breeds and am proud to be part of an industry filled with people who strive daily to drive innovation. My mission with Breaking Brews is to provide a trustworthy resource for beer professionals and enthusiasts alike, and positively enhance brands and artisans who work tirelessly to bring us unique, high quality beer each and every day.

I’ve been working in this industry for over five years and have applied over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, content creation, business management, and customer service to the growth and evolution of Breaking Brews. I strive to enhance brands by providing a quality, informative platform that assists beer industry professionals in building their brands more dynamically.









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