Welcome to the Rare Beer Club at Hal’s Bottle Shop!

The “white whale.” No matter what your hobby or passion of choice is, finding your white whale is typically the culmination of all the efforts you put into the activity you love. A one-of-a-kind coin. A unique fossil. A stamp… Continue Reading

December 11th, 2014: Fat Head’s Sampling at Hal’s Bottle Shop

Hal’s Bottle Shop on Babcock Blvd. in the North Hills has one of the best bottle selections you’ll find north of Pittsburgh. On top of that, Danny Castriota, manager of Hal’s Bottle Shop is on top of his game in… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: Hal’s Bar & Grill and Hal’s Bottle Shop

When I first moved to Pittsburgh in September of 2003, I planted my flag in the North Hills and knew very little, if anything, about “big city living.” I remember someone telling me if I got cut off at any… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: 2015 Mashup

2015 Craft Beer Spotlight Mashup As we turn the calendar to December and prepare to close the curtain on 2015, we can look back on a very prosperous year for the Pittsburgh craft beer scene. Many established destinations have either… Continue Reading