5 Solid Reasons Why Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Is a Big Deal

Throughout the United States, even the globe, festivals and events are held year-round to celebrate the world’s most popular and important drink. For centuries, beer has served as the lifeblood behind some of the world’s most remarkable creations (not even including the evolution of the drink itself), thus making it a beverage worth celebrating. In a big way.

As the craft beer scene has grown, so have the events that bring its creators and advocates together. It’s simple economics…as demand rises, so does the need supply that demand. More and more people are expanding their horizons, ignoring the watered-down advertisements, and trying new beers that challenge the palate with every sip.

While the craft beer revolution is prevalent everywhere, I’ve personally watched the city of Pittsburgh become a hotbed for the craft beer market over the past 10 years. Each day, a new consumer picks up a pale ale or a stout for the first time and increases their intrigue. Each day, bars and restaurants across the Steel City tap a new IPA or special offering from one of the hundreds of craft beer breweries or, equally as significant, one of the several local craft beer breweries like Helltown, East End, Full Pint, and others. It’s led to a scene that’s spread like wildfire 365 days a year in our fair city. But for 10 of those days, craft beer is given center stage to further its stake.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 takes place April 25 - May 4.
Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 takes place April 25 – May 4.

In 2012, the first ever Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week was held to collectively pull together the efforts of brewers, distributors, bars, restaurants, and craft beer advocates and celebrate the progress that’s been made for “the little guys.” It goes without saying, the big beer companies still hold the majority of beer drinker’s hearts. For now. But slowly and surely, the craft beer movement is sweeping its way through Pittsburgh and pulling people into its wave of unique beer choices.

As we approach the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week starting April 25th, 2014, us on the good side of craft beer advocacy are anxiously awaiting the events, collaborations, camaraderie, and all-out fun the week entails. And for those just hopping on the bandwagon, here are 5 Solid Reasons Why Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is a Big Deal:

  1. Awareness Up – If you’ve joined us for any events over the past two years, you know full well craft beer awareness is up when the clock strikes Beer Week. This week provides a unique snapshot of enthusiasts who enjoy craft beer from many different walks of life, for many different reasons. But, despite who they are and what they do, craft beer is the common thread that ties them all together.
  2. Education Up As Well – If you’re just tapping into the craft beer scene or looking to give your palate the push it needs, Craft Beer Week is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Education is a cornerstone of these events and highlights many of the tastings, samplings, and gatherings. Regardless of what event you choose, you’re guaranteed to find other like-minded beer fans to learn from.
  3. Social Connectivity – As Craft Beer Week has evolved, so too has the way its many events are shared. It’s impossible to be at every event at once, but through the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, you can be enjoying a hopstrong IPA at Bocktown in Robinson while tweeting with someone toasting a collaboration beer at Piper’s Pub in the South Side. The power of Social Media allows you to enhance your Craft Beer Week experience and you’ll see even more of this in 2014.
  4. Pittsburgh LeftSpeaking of Collaboration Beers… – Craft Beer Week brings together our local craft beer constituents and the results always leads to collaborative beers that will keep you coming back for more! Even breweries outside of Pittsburgh have contributed, like Southern Tier Brewing’s Craft Beer Week rollout last year, Pittsburgh Left. The 10-day event is normally the only time these beers are available, so don’t miss out!
  5. If You’re On the Fence About Craft Beer, This Will Pull You Over – Whether craft beer stole your heart some time ago or you’ve just begun flirting with entering a relationship with it, Craft Beer Week will show you how much fun making your own decisions on beers that aren’t driven by well-placed advertisements designed to brainwash you can be. We all reach a point where we demand more from our beer. If that statement wasn’t true, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week wouldn’t exist.

As the Winter leads to Spring, all signs point to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Be sure to stay tuned to the Craft Beer Week website for updates and additions of events!

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